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About Us

We care about the stuff you care about.

Whether it's your family, your health, your ride, your home or your finances, our business is ensuring you’re always protected. It’s the reason we exist. But what makes us special is that we make insurance (which can be painfully complicated) disarmingly simple.

In a roar of gobbledygook, we’re the voice that you can understand.

From applying for a policy and registering a claim to getting in touch and seeking out help, every interaction with us is designed to be quick, hassle-free and easy – like Sunday mornin’.

Amidst all the fine print, we’re the silver lining.

Of course, like all insurance companies, we’re governed by the same laws and regulations. What sets us apart is the fact that we’ve found a way to uphold all these laws and follow every regulation while still being completely available to answer all your questions in ‘human’ and meet your general insurance needs. Unlike most, we take tremendous pride in saying you can take us for granted!

We’re not a myth, we are a growing reality!


At Edelweiss General Insurance, we do things differently - unafraid of breaking the mould and forging our own path, while living up to our legacy of trust and respect. As a proud member of the Edelweiss Group, a homegrown multinational corporation, we’ve touched the lives of millions of people over the last 20 years.

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Meet The Minds That Keep Our World Spinning

With an eclectic mix of experience and energy, our dream team is equipped to help us always score high!

Chief Operating Officer

A curious soul, Rama is the kind of person who believes in living life a little bit on the wild side. In fact, he considers the words ‘live life carefully’ as possibly the worst advice he’s every received.

Words like operations, technology, risk, compliance, legal, and corporate planning don’t ring a bell in his vocabulary either. He delves into all these aspects instinctively and collectively. With over two decades of experience under his belt, he specialises in building high performance teams and getting things done. Period.

After leading business initiatives in India, Asia-Pacific and Latin America for the HSBC Group, he now follows his own flow at the Edelweiss Group. Given his expansive ability to multitask, and his well-trodden career path, Rama has inherently become the face of banking, operations and change management. So, let’s just say that on the work-front, he’s golden!

Our COO is a music-lover, a vociferous reader, an explorer, and an excellent leader. Legend has it that he didn’t know where he was headed in his younger days, but Rama is a driven and focused team-member today. When he isn’t breaking new ground in his career, Rama enjoys biking to amazing new destinations, reading mythological books, discovering the fascinating world of science, and binge-watching shows on Netflix (although, he does try a digital detox every now and again). More than anything, Rama values friendship and family, choosing to spend most of his down time with his son, good food, and some epic tunes!

And while two of his favourite personalities, Steve Jobs and Marlon Brando, were able to reach the pinnacle of their craft, Rama seems to be, well, creating his own path to the peak.

Chief Technical Officer

From starting in operations to moving to sales-in-charge, and earning a number of awards along the way, our Chief Technical Officer has a diverse portfolio that is spread across three decades. He joins us at Edelweiss after amazingly successful stints at The Oriental Insurance Co., Tata AIG, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance, L&T General Insurance, and Future Generali. Yeah, we wish we met him much sooner!

Although he initially dreamed of joining the army, we’re glad that Nitin decided to study science at Nagpur University instead, eventually landing himself leadership roles across insurance verticals like underwriting, claims, channel development, sales, and product development (Whoa! That’s some good stuff).

But, Nitin’s career is only one part of his life. He’s also an adventurer and explorer. Whenever he has some down time, he’ll put on his Jagjit Singh playlist, and drive cross-country – most often without a route already charted out. A wildlife enthusiast and tiger aficionado, Nitin has tracked the regal beast to different parts of the world. Honestly, we’re ready to give him an award for most tiger sightings under his belt.

A truly ‘driven’ individual, Nitin makes sure he spends enough time exploring the great outdoors.

Chief Retail Distribution Officer

A true sportsman at heart, Rakesh really knows how to be a team player. Over his 14-year career, he has shown time and again that he can spin any difficult situation on its head and make it a positive one for everybody involved. With an MBA degree in his arsenal, Rakesh has gained the resolve to tackle any obstacle head-on. His expertise in retail sales and distribution in general insurance is absolutely unparalleled. He’s got a way with words and people, and he’s enjoyed successful professional gigs across various geographies. Before he ‘stepped up’ at Edelweiss General Insurance, Rakesh had strategically manoeuvred long-drawn leadership roles at bigwigs like ICICI Lombard and start-ups like Liberty General Insurance.

Continuously striving to strike a balance between work and play, Rakesh enjoys playing cricket, golf and badminton when he has some time off. In fact, his love for cricket is something that even his son has inherited, and while Rakesh is a true-blue Sachin fan, his son dreams of growing up to become a leg spinner like Shane Warne (talk about healthy rivalry at home!). As somebody who is quick to adapt to his surroundings, Rakesh also has a wanderer’s soul and has travelled extensively. His favourite trip was to Iceland, where he got to experience natures’ mesmerising beauty on a splendid road trip.

Our in-house ‘turn around man’, we’re stoked to be able to call Rakesh our very own Superman!

Executive Director &
CEO - Designate

When it comes to strategy and planning ahead, there’s almost nobody who does it with as much flair as Shanai. She’s quick to adapt to her surroundings, something she was forced to do as an army brat, and is incredibly open-minded.

Shanai’s two decades worth of experience and incredible inclination to learn is what sets her apart. With so many moving parts (insights, intuition, data, logic, sales, phew!), she has gone from strength to strength over time. In a so-called man’s world, she’s more than proven that she is the best woman for the job.

Although dreams of jet setting across the world and drawing up gorgeous new buildings held her fancy at first, Shanai was finally won over by the camp of data and logic, which led her to embrace a career in business, analytics and strategy. Her career graph is unique for the sheer diversity and breadth of roles she’s handled which include assignments in strategy, marketing, operations and sales. This gives her the innate ability to juggle with multiple balls up in the air, a skill that she draws upon regularly as she navigates increasingly complex roles. She’s previously been a part of companies like Citi Bank, Tata AIG Life Insurance, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, and AU Small Finance Bank.

Of course, Shanai has many other hidden talents. She’s a great Google-r and is quick to spot rare décor items and hidden travel gems. If she wasn’t so busy planning all our strategies, she’d probably become the most sought-after interior designer or travel advisor. That’s what she said!

But more than anything, Shanai enjoys having her head in the clouds – quite literally. She absolutely loves heading to the mountains, as it gives her the opportunity to experience nature in all its unadulterated glory!

Appointed Actuary

An erstwhile panel actuary at the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India), Tania also serves as an active member of the Institute of Actuaries of India – expertly juggling her roles of being a review examiner for senior actuarial papers and a speaker at actuarial conferences.

With over 14 years of experience under her belt, Tania’s body of work precedes her. After serving as Appointed Actuary at Royal Sundaram General Insurance for over 6 years, she enjoyed successful stints at Bharti AXA General Insurance and Ernst & Young, before settling in as Appointed Actuary at EGIC.

But Tania’s professional stride is just one of her many moving milestones. After completing her Masters in Quantitative Economics (one of the toughest exams to get by), she stepped into the ring for several bouts of actuarial exams – her favourite song, ‘Aaj main upar, aasman neeche’, on loop.

Having studied through most of her years on the force, not only did she manage to ace her papers, but also won the respect of her colleagues along the way – something she will always cherish. And being able to spend time with her son through it all is just another feather that deserves to be added to her cap.

During her down time, Tania loves watching movies, reading books, going on long drives (alone!) and catching up with family and friends. When she can, she also enjoys trying out different gastronomic pairings in the kitchen, making her a self- proclaimed culinary artist. But, professional and culinary skills aside, what truly sets Tania apart, is her huge heart. If she could have one superpower, she’d want to heal children around the world.

Smart, suave and sassy, Tania believes in doing things to the best of her ability. In doing so, she believes in passing on the experience baton to her team. After all, as she says, leadership is all about inspiring the ecosystem around you! Truer words have never been spoken!

Chief Financial Officer

Truly one in a million, Jitendra was once offered a double promotion and a 90% pay hike – a truly marvellous feat! But, it isn’t like he’s all about the job. While he definitely is a focused ‘finance’ individual, Jitendra is always looking to strike the perfect balance between work and play. When he isn’t busy crunchin’ numbers, he follows his flair for storytelling. In fact, he’s managed to publish Chakravyuh, a riveting work of fiction that he penned in his downtime.

Our multi-talented CFO has previously worked with big wigs like Deloitte Haskins and Sells, Munich Reinsurance, SBI Life Insurance and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. With 15 years of experience in the industry, the cricket and music aficionado approaches his work in a unique way. If he could have things his way, he’d be living in the Big Apple, with a J.A.R.V.I.S.-esque assistant helping him out with his accounting, and maybe even his next book!

You know, it’s moments like these when we realise what a superhero he is. Take that, Tony Stark!

Company Secretary and Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

Despite his many years of experience, Ashish is constantly striving for more. This Big B fan doesn’t shy away from challenges and is ready to prove his strategy planning skills with a quick game of chess. He’s got close to eighteen years of experience in legal, compliance, board and shareholders management, managing international joint ventures, mergers and aquisitions, and corporate governance (phew!) – making his way to Edelweiss after partnering with well-known names like Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, and Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited.

A problem-solver since the good ol’ days, Ashish is a Science and Law graduate. After doing his Masters in Labour Laws & Personnel Management from the University of Lucknow, he soon became a fellow member (FCS) of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

He is also our resident MasterChef, constantly experimenting with flavours in the kitchen. But, professional and culinary skills aside, what truly makes Ashish one-of-a- kind, is his huge heart. His dream is to one day build a hospital and find a cure for cancer so that he can heal the world. Ah, it’s a wonderful life!

The peri peri sauce to our french fries – with Ashish as part of our management team, we have no doubt that he’ll be able to lead us down the right road, all the while ensuring we’ve got enough Amitabh tunes to soundtrack our journey.

Chief Human Resource Officer

An army kid, Jitesh spent most of his youth shuffling around from one place to the next. One of his father’s postings led him to France during the FIFA World Cup. This introduced him to the magic of football, and his idols – Zidane, Platini and Pelé. Despite a love for football, Jitesh dreamed of growing up and joining the army. But, it looks like fate had other plans, and Jitesh ended up finding his footing at the University of Pune, where he pursued Personnel Management after graduating with a science degree!

Once college was done and dusted, our Chief Human Resource Officer enjoyed short, but successful, stints at IndusInd Bank and ICICI Lombard, before finding his home at EGIC. He’s got two decades worth of experience and an eye for spotting talent, which serves him well in his endeavour to put together the A-team of tomorrow – quite literally.

Despite all the years Jitesh spent travelling, he was never really bitten by the travel bug. He prefers to spend his downtime at home with his family – probably his biggest achievement outside of his career. After a hard day’s work, you’re likely to find him huddled with his kids, playing a game of UNO or a round of Name, Place, Animal, Thing.

He may not have grown up to join the armed forces like his father, but Jitesh is disciplined, selfless, and the one calling the shots today. And tomorrow!

Chief Technology Officer

Sandip’s three decades worth of experience in the general insurance and tech industries is what gives our CTO his unique take on both business and his personal life. After switching gears in his mid-30s from insurance to tech, Sandip still doesn’t shy away from challenges and new flavours, as he spends his weekends experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Our resident De Niro fan, Sandip loves the Italian actor’s current crop of work, which leads us to believe that he’ll be back on the force a few years after he’s decided to retire! But, he isn’t just a movie buff and chef. Sandip absolutely loves to travel, and if he could, he’d master the art of travelling without a plan. From trekking in the Himalayas to slurping on thukpa in Sikkim, there’s almost nothing Sandip hasn’t tried.

A risk-taker by nature and design, over the years, he has precariously yet professionally won over systems, insurance algorithms and enterprise applications. Before he joined us, he worked at renowned companies like IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance, National Insurance Co. Ltd., and Bharti AXA General Insurance. Much before that, he played football for Delhi University, but we’re thankful he gave up on his dream of learning to Bend It Like Beckham and joined the world of insurance instead.

Sandip is constantly trying to push the envelope, and honestly, we’re thrilled to have him play for our team.

Chief Internal Audit (CA)

A focused and driven man, Prayag is an established Chartered Accountant, a Certified Internal Auditor, and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. He’s got two decades worth of experience under his belt and was previously associated with companies like Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Tata AIG Life Insurance and Future Generali India Life Insurance. Before joining our General Insurance Company, Prayag lent his expertise to Edelweiss Financial Services.

While his peers were dreaming of becoming the next Rahul Dravid or even donning black suits like Batman, Prayag focused on his own dream, of becoming a CA. Now that’s he ticked that off his bucket-list, he’s continuously shifting his goalposts, adding his health and family to the career mix. While leading an international audit team will always be one of the highlights of his career, personally, Prayag's hoping to get his fitness on track (literally), by running marathons. He's recently completed a few marathons in and around Mumbai, and as far as we can tell, he's just getting started.

Despite a ‘taxing’ job and an exhausting hobby, Prayag ensures he finds more than enough time to hang out with his family, watch feel-good movies and even indulge in a delicious vada pav or two. Now that’s what we call a balance sheet!

Chief Investment Officer

Calm, composed and fluent in sarcasm, Dhilip is a seasoned investment professional who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Right from his college days, he’s also aimed to be the best at what he does, securing himself the most sought-after job offer on campus. He eventually rejected it, but he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being part of an elite club.

A management degree from IIM Bangalore and a degree in Computer Engineering from NIT Surathkal, led him to playing the financial roulette. He’s been with Edelweiss for over a decade now, mananging funds and investments, and moving from one success to the next – eventually landing the role of Chief Investment Officer.

But, Dhilip isn’t all about the money. In fact, he’s an active guy who loves to run and cycle. When he isn’t completing marathons, he’s busy spending time with his family, running after his two daughters. A stickler for rules and results, we aren’t surprised that Dhilip’s a huge fan of Arsene Wenger’s process-driven and intuitive nature.

Dhilip is ready to change the investment game, and we’re thrilled to have him don the CIO jersey at Edelweiss General Insurance.

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