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    Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Only

    (Edelweiss Two Wheeler Liability Only Insurance)

    This is like the bobber of insurance policies. It offers the most basic cover that you need to legally ride your hog on the road. This two wheeler insurance policy will only cover damages caused to other individuals or their property.

    • What’s Not Covered Under Our Two Wheeler Insurance??
      • Any injury caused to the rider

      • Damage to the two wheeler itself

      • Depreciation, or the drop in value, of the two wheeler and its parts due to age and wear and tear


    Third Party Bike Insurance + Own Damage

    (Edelweiss Bike Package Insurance)

    To cruise carefree on those lost highways, we strongly recommend opting for this cover. Apart from the basic third-party protection it offers, this bike insurance policy will also take care of any damages caused to the two wheeler, as well as injuries sustained by the rider.

    • If you like, you can add an extra layer of protection with these add-ons:

      • Extend the geographical area of cover

      • Personal accident cover for the pillion rider

    • What’s Not Covered Under Our Bike Insurance?
      • Depreciation, or the drop in value, of the two wheeler and its parts due to age and wear and tear


A little extra padding never hurt anybody. Get more bike cover with these add-ons

By paying a slightly higher premium, you can enhance your bike’s cover with:
  • Depreciation Protect
  • Invoice Value Protect
  • Pillion Protect
  • Consumable expenses Protect
  • Emergency Medical Expenses Protect
  • Additional Third Party Property Damage Protect

*Please refer to the bike insurance policy documents for more information


Why Edelweiss Two Wheeler Insurance?

    Enhanced Cover with Add-Ons
    Easy & Quick Claim Settlements
    Wide Network of Cashless Garages

We Won’t Play the Claim Game

We've made two wheeler insurance claims easy


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    Toll free -1800 12000 or
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    Sit back and relax while we settle your claim.

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Bike Insurance FAQs

Edelweiss Two Wheeler Liability Only Insurance – UIN: IRDAN159P0002V01201718 Edelweiss Two Wheeler Package Insurance – UIN: IRDAN159P0004V01201819 Edelweiss Two Wheeler Liability Only Insurance 5 Years – UIN: IRDAN159RP0006V01201819 Edelweiss Two Wheeler Bundled Insurance – UIN: IRDAN159RP0010V01201819 Edelweiss Two Wheeler Long Term Package Insurance – UIN: IRDAN159RP0012V01201819 Edelweiss Two Wheeler Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance – UIN: IRDAN159RP0003V01201920 Add-on's under Edelweiss Two Wheeler Package Insurance - Depreciation Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0014V01201920 Invoice Value Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0015V01201920 Pillion Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0016V01201920 Consumable expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0017V01201920 Emergency Medical Expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0018V01201920 Additional Third Party Property Damage Protect - IRDAN159RP0004V01201819/A0019V01201920 Edelweiss Compulsory Personal Accident (Owner-Driver) under Motor Insurance Policies - IRDAN159RP0013V01201819 Add-ons under Edelweiss Two Wheeler Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance - Depreciation Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0026V01201920 Invoice Value Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0027V01201920 Consumable Expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0028V01201920 Pillion Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0029V01201920 Emergency Medical Expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0030V01201920 Additional Third Party Property Damage Protect - IRDAN159RP0003V01201920/A0031V01201920 Add-ons under Two Wheeler Bundled Insurance - Depreciation Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0020V01201920 Invoice Value Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0021V01201920 Consumable Expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0022V01201920 Pillion Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0023V01201920 Emergency Medical Expenses Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0024V01201920 Additional Third Party Property Damage Protect - IRDAN159RP0010V01201819/A0025V01201920
Disclaimers: T&C Apply. *The mentioned statements in the Advertisement for third party premium of 1 year is for Cubic capacity < 75 CC and may vary depending on the cubic capacity of the vehicle. #The mentioned discount is with respect to the erstwhile tariff on own damage cover rates and is for selected make-models, it's not a flat discount across all models. **As on 31st July, 2022 we have 3300+ cashless network garages ^Cost mentioned in the advertisement is a per day base premium excluding taxes and levies for owner driver for Sum Insured of Rs.15 lacs(If opted in policy) - INR 714/365 days a year = Rs. 1.95 Per day for Cubic capacity up to 150 CC or INR 2323/365 days a year = Rs 7.68 per day for cubic capacity > 350CC. The Third-Party Insurance Rates are decided by the Government/Authority from time to time and any change thereof shall be applied immediately as per the regulatory framework and therefore the rates mentioned herein above are subject to change without further notice/intimation. Mentioned prices are exclusive of GST. Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited, Registered Office: Edelweiss House, Off CST Road, Kalina, Mumbai,400098 | | Reach us on TOLL FREE: 1800 12000 | Landline: 02242312000 (Call charges applicable) CIN: U66000MH2016PLC273758 IRDAI Regn. No. 159,Trademark and logo displayed belongs to Edelweiss Financial Services Limited and is used by Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited under license. All rights reserved. For more details on the risk factors, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/ prospectus before concluding the sale.