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When it comes to fires,
we don’t want you to Suffer

A little spark could turn into a ravaging fire that may completely destroy your property. We understand the importance of your valuables and that’s why we’ve created this policy for you. It may not be able to save your property from everything, but we’ll help extinguish the effect a fire may have on your finances.

Choose Your Extinguisher

Group Health Insurance Group Health Insurance

This product is designed to suit the needs of all, such as –

  • Individuals
  • Housing societies
  • Industries
  • Commercial entities

The policy is issued for a maximum of one year from the date of inception of the cover.


Perils Covered by Us


Hold it! How about some extra protection to your commercial policy?

By paying just a slightly higher premium, you can choose to cover your property against:

  • Architects consulting and engineering fees (in excess of 3% of the claim amount)
  • Debris removal (in excess of 1% of the claim amount)
  • Forest fires
  • Impact damage due to your own road or rail vehicles, forklifts, cranes, stackers, and any material dropped from them
  • Loss of rent
  • Additional rent needed when alternative accommodation is required
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Earthquakes and more*

*For a complete list of add-ons you can choose, check our policy documents

What we can't cover - View

We can’t take care of everything. Here’s a look at perils not covered by us:

  • War and war-like situations
  • Nuclear risks
  • Valuables like gold and cash (unless you’ve specifically asked for it)
  • Equipment damaged due to a short circuit. However, resultant fire is covered
  • Loss of earnings, markets, loss by delay, any other consequential losses #

# If you’d like to see a complete list of all the exclusions, you can check our policy documents.


Why Edelweiss Fire insurance?

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

Quick Decision-Making

Quick Decision-Making

Minimum Documentation Required

Minimum Documentation Required

We Won’t Play The Claim Game

We always live up to our promises – 100%.
If you’re looking to make a claim, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

Call us on
Toll free -1800 12000 /
Paid landline - 022 423 12000
or email us at support@edelweissinsurance.com to let us know the details of your claim.

Send us the scanned documents via email and we’ll get the ball rolling. Once we receive the originals from you, the process is almost complete.

Mail your claim documents to Claims Desk – Edelweiss General Insurance Company Ltd., 5th Floor, Tower 3, Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City, Kirol Road, Kurla West, Mumbai – 400 070.


Our claims team will sort everything out and keep you updated at every step.

Of course, if you still need us to answer any queries, you can get in touch with us at
support@edelweissinsurance.com and we’ll reply soon.

Fire Insurance FAQs

Bharat Griha Raksha Policy - IRDAN159RP0019V0120201 | Bharat Laghu Udhyam Surakhsa - IRDAN159RP0021V0120201 | Bharat Sookshma Udhyam Suraksha - IRDAN159RP0020V0120201  

  • 72 Hours Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0007V01201819
  • Additional Insured Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0008V01201819
  • Nominated Adjusters Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0009V01201819
  • Non Invalidation Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0010V01201819
  • On Account Payments Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0011V01201819
  • Primary And Non Contributory Cover Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0012V01201819
  • Accidental Damage Cover Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0013V01201819
  • Additional Custom Duty Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0014V01201819
  • Automatic Reinstatement Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0015V01201819
  • Brand & Trademark Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0016V01201819
  • Claim Preparation Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0017V01201819
  • Expediting Expenses Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0018V01201819
  • Expenses for Loss Minimisation/Prevention Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0019V01201819
  • Fire Fighting Expenses Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0020V01201819
  • Goods Held In Trust Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0021V01201819
  • Immediate Repair Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0022V01201819
  • Involuntary Betterment Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0024V01201819
  • Minor Works Cover Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0025V01201819
  • Pair And Sets Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0026V01201819
  • Partial Waiver Of Underinsurance Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0027V01201819
  • Plans, Documents And Computer Systems Records Cover - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0028V01201819
  • Waiver Of Subrogation Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0029V01201819
  • Inadvertent Omission Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0003V01201819/A0023V01201819
  • Standard fire and Special Peril Policy - UIN: IRDAN159RP0021V01201819
  • Industrial All Risk Insurance Policy - UIN: IRDAN159CP0079V01201920