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We at Edelweiss General Insurance will protect your projects and equipment with a range of engineering insurance products that allow you to reach for the sky without worrying about any accidents bringing you crashing down.

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Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

Quick Decision-Making

Quick Decision-Making

Minimum Documentation Required

Minimum Documentation Required

We Won’t Play The Claim Game

We always live up to our promises – 100%.
If you’re looking to make a claim, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

Call us on
Toll free -1800 12000 /
Paid landline - 022 423 12000
or email us at support@edelweissinsurance.com to let us know the details of your claim.

Send us the scanned documents via email and we’ll get the ball rolling. Once we receive the originals from you, the process is almost complete.

Mail your claim documents to Claims Desk – Edelweiss General Insurance Company Ltd., 5th Floor, Tower 3, Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City, Kirol Road, Kurla West, Mumbai – 400 070.


Our claims team will sort everything out and keep you updated at every step.

Of course, if you still need us to answer any queries, you can get in touch with us at
support@edelweissinsurance.com and we’ll reply ASAP.

Engineering Insurance FAQs

Contractor's Plant & Machinery Insurance Policy - UIN: IRDAN159RP0001V01202021 | Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy - UIN: IRDAN159RP0007V01202021  

  • Claim Preparation Cost - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0023V01201920
  • Cessation Of Work - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0024V01201920
  • Contractual Liability - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0025V01201920
  • Cover For Testing Of Machinery And Installations - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0026V01201920
  • Errors & Omissions To Insure Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0027V01201920
  • Inland Transit Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0028V01201920
  • Involuntary Betterment Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0029V01201920
  • Leased Equipment Rental Cost Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0030V01201920
  • Pair And Set Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0031V01201920
  • Cover For Insured Contract Works Taken Over Or Put Into Services - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0032V01201920
  • Undamaged Property Destruction Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0033V01201920
  • Vibration, Removal Or Weakening Of Support - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0034V01201920
  • Loss due to breakage of glass - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0035V01201920
  • waiver of contribution clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0036V01201920
  • Cover for offsite storage /Fabrication - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0037V01201920
  • Express Freight (Air Freight Excluded) Holiday and Overtime Rates of the Wages - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0038V01201920
  • Primary Insurance Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0039V01201920
  • Non-Vitiation Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0040V01201920
  • Loss Payee Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0042V01201920
  • Local Authorities Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0043V01201920
  • Designation Of Property Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0044V01201920
  • Multiple Insured Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0045V01201920
  • Pro-Rata Extension Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0046V01201920
  • Agreed Bank Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0047V01201920
  • Multiple Projects Declaration Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0048V01201920
  • Sectional Clause (Road Projects, Canals, Internal/Access
  • Roads Of Hydel Power Projects) - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Warranty Concerning Structures In Earthquake Zones - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Exclusion Of Loss, Damage Or Liability Due To Flood
  • And Inundation - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Exclusion Of Loss, Damage Or Liability Due To Windstorm Or Wind- Related Water Damage - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Special Conditions Concerning The Construction Of Tunnels, Galleries, Temporary Or Permanent Subsurface, Structures Or Installations - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Special Conditions Concerning Underground Cables, Pipes And Other Facilities - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Warranty Concerning Camps And Stores - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Warranty Concerning Construction Material - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Serial Losses - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Drilling Work For Water Wells - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Special Conditions For Laying Water Supply And Sewer Pipes - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Special Conditions Concerning Piling Foundation And Retaining Wall Works - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Wet Works - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Cofferdams - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Breakwater - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Fire/Explosion Claims And Fire Fighting - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Wet Risk Endorsement - UIN: IRDAN159CP0019V01201920/A0050V01201920
  • Erection All Risks Insurance Policy - UIN: IRDAN159RP0002V01202021
  • Claim Preparation Cost - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0052V01201920
  • Cessation of Work - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0053V01201920
  • Contractual Liability - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0054V01201920
  • Errors and Omissions to insure clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0055V01201920
  • Inland Transit Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0056V01201920
  • Involuntary Betterment clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0057V01201920
  • Leased Equipmental Rental Cost Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0058V01201920
  • Pair and Set Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0059V01201920
  • Cover for Insured contract works taken over or put into services - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0060V01201920
  • Undamaged Property Destruction Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0061V01201920
  • Primary Insurance Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0062V01201920
  • Non-Vitiation Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0063V01201920
  • Loss Payee Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0064V01201920
  • Local Authorities Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0065V01201920
  • Designation of Property Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0066V01201920
  • Multiple Insured Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0068V01201920
  • Agreed Bank Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0069V01201920
  • Express Freight (Air Freight Excluded) Holiday And Overtime Rates Of The Wages - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0070V01201920
  • Waiver of Contribution Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0071V01201920
  • Pro-Rata Extension Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0072V01201920
  • Continuity of cover during operational phase for unit/plant tested but awaiting Integral testing (Along with other units /plants) - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0073V01201920
  • Start up expenses - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0074V01201920
  • Multiple Projects Declaration Clause - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0075V01201920
  • Contract Works time schedule - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • Pipeline construction - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • warranty concerning camps and stores - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • Warranty Concerning Structures in Earthquake Zones - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • Wet Risk Endorsement - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • Serial Losses - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920
  • Special Conditions For Laying Water Supply And Sewer Pipes - UIN: IRDAN159CP0021V01201920/A0076V01201920