In Times of Need, Getting You the Right Care Indeed

When it comes to dealing with the Coronavirus, immediate care is the best response. We’re here to make sure that you can get the help you need, when you need it, without worrying about the costs. Our policy is built to help you deal with the costs that come with treating the Coronavirus.

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Why Edelweiss Corona Kavach Policy?


Premium Discounts

Avail a variety of discounts up to a maximum of 25% on your premium when you purchase any Corona policy.


Cover for Everyone

Under Rakshak – no age criteria for pre-policy check-up*, Under Kavach, only 61 years and up need a pre-policy check-up* *subject to no pre-existing disease

Care in a Pandemic

Our no-frills policy is dedicated to helping you look after yourself and your insured family members in this global pandemic – that’s it!

We Won’t Play The Claim Game

We always live up to our promises – 100%. If you’re looking to make a claim, it’s really simple. Our claims process is just 2 steps:

Call us on 1800 12000 / 022 423 12000 or email us at   to let us know the details of your claim.


We’ll work on your claim and either transfer the money to you if you’ve already made a payment, or directly pay the hospital if you’ve gone cashless.

Of course, if you still need us to answer any queries, you can get in touch with us at
  and we’ll reply soon.


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Corona Rakshak | Corona Kavach | Group Corona Kavach

Covid Insurance FAQs

Corona Kavach Policy, Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited - UIN: EDLHLIP21079V012021 | Corona Rakshak Policy, Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited I UIN: EDLHLIP21110V012021 | Group Corona Kavach Policy, Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited I UIN: EDLHLGP21160V012021