This Republic Day, Uncover a Little More of India

24th January 2020 8min read 1148 views

On 26th January 1950, India’s Constitution came into effect. It beautifully outlined the guidelines that would govern Indians for generations to come. Every year on this day, scores of people stand in attention while the tricolour is hoisted and sing the national anthem. But almost immediately after, all patriotism is lost in plates of samosas and cups of chai. This year, instead of spending Republic Day in your building or society compound listening to patriotic songs, you can head out on an epic road trip that will take you to some amazing hidden gems and help you truly embrace the spirit of India.

Here’s our guide to some of India’s most spectacular weekend destinations:

1. Jawhar (Road Trip from Mumbai/Pune/Nashik)

A three-hour-drive from Mumbai will take you out of the concrete city and deliver you directly into the lap of Mother Nature, aka the Sahayadris. This tribal kingdom is known for its lush greenery, the amazing Dhabosa Waterfall, the warmth of the locals and the beauty of their Warli art.

2. Dunlod (Road Trip from Delhi/Gurugram/Haryana)

Forget about the capital city’s hazy air as you enjoy a drive back in time. Dunlod in Rajasthan has magnificent havelis and gorgeous step wells around every corner, making it the perfect place to live life king-sized. The Mughal and Rajput architectural styles that you find here are sure to take your breath away.

3. Yelagiri (Road Trip from Chennai/Bengaluru)

Leave behind the chaos of the city as you drive into the hills and make your way to Yelagiri. Located atop a quiet hillock, the area is home to gorgeous greenery and a few tribal villages. There isn’t much to do here, but the journey is more than enough to introduce you to the beauty of nature and take your mind off everything that has you worried.

4. Mahbubnagar (Road Trip from Hyderabad)

Named after a Nizam of Hyderabad, this glorious destination is equal parts regal and religious. The area is the legendary source of the Golconda diamonds, including the disputed Kohinoor, and has a number of historic sites and religious monuments dotting its landscape. It’s a quick, 3-hour drive from Hyderabad, so if you leave on a Friday evening, you’ll have 2 full days to explore the 700-year old banyan tree, the Mallelatheertham waterfall and the nearby Jurala and Koilsagar reservoirs.

So, this Republic Day, spend a little more time getting to know our great republic by hitting the road and driving off to explore a curious destination close to your city. After all, it’s India’s magnificent history and cultural diversity that makes us such a strong and wonderful nation.

Happy Republic Day!

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