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Situations in Which You Can Rely on Your Travel Insurance Policy

18th March 2020 8min read 5716 views

Whenever you travel, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences and adventures. Sadly, not every adventure is a great one. There are a number of things that may go wrong while you’re on holiday, or even before you leave for your trip. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering whether you should shell out the money for a good travel insurance plan, here’s a look at some important situations in which your travel policy could bail you out of trouble:

1. Unwell Before The Trip

Can you imagine waking up the morning before a holiday, only to find that you’re incredibly unwell or that your spouse, parent or child needs to be hospitalised? It isn’t a pleasant thought, but it’s something that just may happen. A critical health emergency may require you to cancel your trip entirely – which could cost you quite a bit of money. But, if you have a good travel plan, your insurance provider could help lessen the financial blow of cancelling or even pushing your trip back a few days.

2. Bad Weather at the Destination

So you’re all prepared for your amazing beach vacation, but a volcano eruption or awful weather may cause all incoming flights to be cancelled to your destination. Not being able to head off on your long-awaited holiday is a bummer, but losing all the money you’ve already paid for flights and hotel bookings can make a bad situation worse. Thankfully, your travel insurance policy can help you recover all your pre-paid holiday expenses in such events.

3. An Injury During the Trip

Healthcare is expensive irrespective of whether you need it in India or abroad. If you get hurt or ill while you’re travelling, gaining access to affordable healthcare can be incredibly difficult. This is precisely why having travel insurance is so crucial. If you need medical assistance while you’re on holiday, this policy will help you look after the cost, which also helps you get quality service.

4. Loss or Delay of Baggage

Probably the most important reason why you should get insurance is that it will help you deal with life if your luggage is either lost or delayed. Almost everybody who has travelled more than once in their lives has a story about how their bags were put on the wrong flight or just somehow lost entirely. If your bag is lost, you could land up in a new country without any of your clothes and may have to buy a few things to tide you over for a while. Your travel insurance will reimburse you for essential items that you need to buy so that it doesn’t pinch your pocket too much.

Travelling doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Sure, there are things that are out of your control that may go a bit haywire, but as long as you have a good travel insurance policy, you should be able to enjoy the experience of exploring a new place, even if there are a few small road bumps along the way.

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