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Magical Road Trips to Take with Family This Winter Vacation

2nd December 2022 8min read 131 views

Most schools provide only a short winter break, making it hard to plan exotic trips abroad. Thankfully, India has a surplus of divine winter destinations that we can explore. Instead of flying to your final destination, consider putting your car in gear and taking one of these magical road trips with your loved ones!

Magical Road Trips to Enjoy in India

Delhi to Dharamshala

Leave the concrete jungle in your rear-view mirror as you head towards the mountains. The 10-hour drive provides astounding views of the snow-clad Himalayas on the horizon. A winter wonderland will welcome you with fresh snow and gorgeous views. Given the low temperatures and high altitude, it’s best to make this trip when you and your family are in good health. You can also look for family travel insurance plans to help you deal with medical emergencies while travelling.

Bengaluru to Coorg

A six-hour drive will take you from bustling Bengaluru to gorgeous Coorg or Madikeri. Here, you can walk through coffee plantations, visit elephant camps and revel in the beauty of Abbey Falls. Thrill your inner adventurer with a few short treks along the gently sloping terrain while taking in panoramic views.

Darjeeling to Pelling

For a thrilling winter vacation, fly to Darjeeling and then drive to Pelling. You should expect hairpin bends, foggy mornings and an abundance of snow on your journey. Although the drive from Darjeeling to Pelling takes just three hours, you can break your drive over two days. Buy travel insurance before your holiday to help deal with unpleasant flight delays or unexpected baggage loss.

Lucknow to Munsiyari

If you’re up for a lovely long drive, head from Lucknow to Munsiyari. The cosy hill station is known for its picture-perfect beauty and unlimited trekking opportunities. Nestled in the Himalayas, you can enjoy numerous glacier treks from here in the winter. If you want to take it easy after your 14-hour drive, you can settle into the village with some bird watching in the surrounding jungles. Since you’ll be in a secluded area, ensure you purchase travel insurance before your trip. Ideally, look for travel insurance with medical conditions coverage for complete protection.

Mumbai to Gokarna

Instead of your usual drive to Goa, head further south to Gokarna this winter. The journey from Mumbai takes around 15 hours, so you might want to plan a stop along the way. Once you arrive in gorgeous Gokarna, you can relax on the serene beaches, indulge in some flea market shopping, and find spirituality in the old temples. A few days in Gokarna will help you and your loved ones relax and rejuvenate.

Safeguarding Your Road Trips

Most of us get a travel insurance quote before an international trip. Unfortunately, we do not exercise the same caution while travelling in India. Before undertaking any of the journeys suggested above, you should look for a policy that offers travel insurance for a road trip. These plans provide coverage in case of unexpected delays and medical emergencies, allowing you to enjoy your holiday stress-free!

Today, you can purchase travel insurance online within a few minutes. You can complete the entire process a day before your trip to enjoy a carefree winter vacation with your loved ones!

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