How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip Abroad

21st November 2018 7min read 1276 views

If you’re like us, you’ll know that travelling abroad is all about learning more about different people’s cultures and traditions. There’s no better way to do this than by planning an epic road trip along the length and breadth of the country you’ve chosen to visit. But, before you head off down that gorgeous Pacific coast, or through the French countryside, here are a few important road planning tips and tricks that you will need to keep in mind:

1. Map Out Your Route First

Planning a route is incredibly important, especially if you’re travelling in a convoy of more than 2 cars. Everybody should be made aware of the road and the stops along the way. It’s a good idea to decide where you intend on taking a break to stretch your legs, so even if a car or two get left behind, they’ll know where to catch up with you.

2. Get Your Entertainment Sorted

Generally, the driver should always be allowed to choose the music. But, if you’re lucky enough to be in a car with a driver who’s flexible about music, make sure you have an upbeat playlist to get everybody going. If you’ve forgotten your iPod, don’t sweat it. You can substitute your playlist for a really good car game instead. I Spy is a sure winner as far as we’re concerned.

3. Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials

No, we aren’t talking about clothes or toiletries. We’re talking about a spare tyre, jumper cables, a tyre sealer, and most importantly – your car manual. If you were to find yourself with a dead engine in the middle of the highway without jumper cables, you could be stuck for a very, very long time.

4. Sort Out the Snacks

Whether you’ve decided to hit a few restaurants on the way, or you’re packing food for the entire journey, make sure you’ve taken everybody’s dietary restrictions into account. For quick snacking, pack stuff that’s easy to eat and doesn’t make too much of a mess. Fruits, nuts and energy bars are good. You should also make sure you have plenty of drinking water in the car.

5. Purchase Travel Insurance

Although you’re planning a road trip in the country you’re visiting, chances are you’ll have to take a flight to get to where you’re headed. Any number of things could get between you and the perfect journey. You may miss your flight due to an emergency, or the airline might misplace your bags, leaving you stranded in a foreign country with nothing but what you have on you. By getting yourself travel cover, you can safeguard yourself from any travel mishaps along the way.

Now that you’ve got all your basics covered, all that’s left to do is ignite that engine and put your pedal to the metal. Enjoy your trip!

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