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Your Typical Home Insurance Claims Process

21st November 2018 8min read 524 views

If you’re looking to file a home insurance claim, it pays to know what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. Driven by regulation, an insurance company typically follows a predetermined protocol when it comes to managing such claims. And, well, it helps to know how it works.

Here’s the anatomy of a typical ‘home insurance claims process’ – from start to finish.

1. Report a Claim

First and foremost, you must report a claim. This can be done either online or directly through an agent – or much simpler, by phone or email.

2. Claims Inspector in the House

Once the claim has been reported, the insurance provider will assign a claims officer to your case.

3. First Contact

The ‘inspector’ will get in touch with you to discuss the insurance coverage you’re entitled to (as per the terms and conditions of your policy), and help you navigate through the set norms of the claim.

4. Evaluation Mode

After collecting all the information needed, the inspector estimates the damage and speaks to witnesses, if any.

5. Finding a Resolution

If you’re lucky, your claim may be approved after the first inspection itself. And you’ll receive a settlement for the estimated repairs too. But sometimes, a case may need more digging, and therein the payment can take a wee bit longer.

6. Case Closed

After following all the required steps, the claim is closed by the insurance provider. If you have any further concerns or queries, you can reach out to your claims inspector at any given point.

Of course, to ensure smooth sailing through it all – here are some quick tips to swear by:

  • Promptly file your claim (the more you delay, the more issues it spurs)
  • Keep your claim number handy at all times
  • Submit all essential documents
  • Meet the timelines set by the insurance provider
  • Respond to all queries
  • Cooperate with inspections

With these steps and tips in mind, you’re good to go (file your claim)!

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