Understand Home Insurance Claims Process

Your Guide to Understanding the Edelweiss Home Insurance Claims Process

16th January 2020 8min read 404 views

Many people hesitate when it comes to purchasing insurance for their homes. Generally speaking, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, there’s a misconception that purchasing home insurance can be incredibly expensive. Secondly, people feel that the claims settlement process is tiring, difficult and not entirely worth it. If you have also felt or believe that the lengthy claims process doesn’t justify the insurance cover, we’re here to dispel all your doubts and make things easy. Getting a claim settled for a home insurance policy isn’t difficult or time-consuming. In fact, by following just a few easy steps, you’ll be well on your way to getting your home back up and running.

The Claims Process

Step 1: Letting Us Know

When disaster strikes, we know that we’re the last people on your mind. But, the quicker you call us and make a claim, the faster we’re able to help you. You can get in touch by dialling 1800 12000 or dropping us a mail on support@edelweissinsurance.com. Remember, time is of the essence – if we are not informed quickly, it may have a negative impact on our decision regarding your claim.

Step 2: Have Your Documents Ready

With home insurance policies, getting the documents in order may seem tricky, but it really isn’t that bad. We’ll have one of our guys sent over to assess the damage, but in the meanwhile, you can get all your bills – from estimates to invoices and price lists, a copy of your policy and your police reports in order. Send us scanned copies of the original and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Step 3: Make a Trip to the Post Office

To process your claim, we’ll need you to send the originals of your claim documents to us. You can post them to Edelweiss General Insurance Company Limited, 5th Floor, Tower 3, Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City, Kirol Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 070.

Step 4: Sit Back and Relax

Once you’ve sent us all the paperwork, we will sort everything out for you. We’ll also send you constant updates so you don’t have to keep calling or e-mailing us to check on the progress of your claim.

When it comes to getting your claims settled for a home insurance policy, the most important thing to remember is to let us know as soon as possible. The quicker we can get started on working through your claim, the quicker we can settle it.

So – there you have it. You can protect your home and get your claims settled in 4 easy steps – doesn’t sound like a long and tiring process, does it now?

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