Tips to maintain your home

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Home

7th April 2021 8min read 2499 views

Most of us ensure that our vehicles are well maintained. With clockwork precision, we send our cars or bikes to the garage for a quarterly service appointment. When it comes home, all shiny and working like a charm, we’re filled with a sense of pride. But, hardly anybody looks after their homes with the same kind of care or commitment. Generally, we wait until a pipe gets clogged or something breaks before we try and fix it. But repairing something is far more expensive than maintaining and taking care of it. We may not want to think about it, but our homes need just as much care as our vehicles. Here’s a look at a few things you can do to maintain your home all through the year:

1. Look for Dead Outlets

Most people do not use 100% of the electrical outlets in their homes every day. It’s a good idea to check unused outlets every month or two to see if they’re still working. A wiring issue could lead to outlets not receiving the current they require. If you find that certain outlets are dead or no longer working, you should get them fixed. Faulty wiring could eventually lead to a more dangerous problem, like a fire.

2. Check the Exhausts

We all have exhaust fans in our kitchens and bathrooms. These handy appliances help circulate air and clean out smells and moisture. Over time, mould could grow, or the fan might gather dust. Make sure you clean these fans at least once a year. Cleaning the fan will keep it running it smoothly for longer. If your exhaust fan works properly, you won’t have to deal with excess moisture in your home. If you don’t clean the fan regularly, dust and dirt build-up could get stuck in the rotator, and the fan may stop working.

3. Flush Water Heaters

Water heaters can build up mineral deposits and debris over time. Once a year, ask a plumber to help you drain the heater and clean the insides. You can also complete this process yourself, but it’s wise to have a professional help the first few times. A clean and flushed heater will function smoothly and efficiently. This simple exercise can help you prevent your heater from conking off or exploding while in use in the future.

4. Check Your Doors and Windows

The seals on your doors and windows must be in prime working condition. Any gaps or cracks could overload your cooling system. In turn, your electrical systems will end up getting overworked and could lead to a short circuit. Checking your doors and windows once a month will save you a lot of trouble later on.

While these handy maintenance tips are great, you also need to ensure that you safeguard your house with a home insurance policy. A good home insurance plan will take care of you and your finances if something untoward happens to your property. Companies like Edelweiss General Insurance offer comprehensive policies that will help you take care of the cost of rebuilding your home after an accident. Remember, your home can be your haven, but you need to take care of it too!

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