Tips to Prevent Burglary

Important Tips to Help Keep Burglars Out of Your Home

11th December 2019 8min read 352 views

All of us have come across the famous quote, “Home is where the heart is” at some point in our lives. After all, our home is a personal space which provides us with warmth and comfort. That being said, our personal space is also very vulnerable. So, it’s important that we protect our property and safeguard it from burglars. Here are a few steps we can take to deter burglars from targeting our homes:

1. Start with the Doors

Most burglars literally walk in through the front door. To make their jobs difficult, we need to make our doors more secure. One way to do this is by ensuring our homes have solid doors. Solid wood or even metal doors are better at protecting our homes than hollow doors made of ply. With the front door fortified, it’s time to move on to other points of entry the burglar may exploit. All sliding doors and windows can be secured with a simple slab of wood that extends from the end of the door to the wall. This will stop the burglar from being able to slide the door open, even if they’ve broken the lock.

2. Let There Be Light

Most burglars don’t want to enter a house that’s occupied. They typically target homes that are left in darkness in the evenings. To keep burglars out, it may be a good idea to invest in some lights that are on a timer. These lights will switch on every evening, irrespective of whether we’re home or not. These small hacks can go a long way in keeping burglars out.

3. Be Mindful of Social Media

While technology may help us secure our homes with cameras or alerts on our phones, it also makes it easy for burglars to know whether we’re home or not. Most people ‘check-in’ on their preferred social media platforms whenever they’re out of the house or on holiday. If we all did this, burglars who are aware of our names can easily check social media to ensure we’re not at home before trying to break in. By being careful with what we post on our favourite social media applications, we can make our houses just a little bit safer.

4. Store Valuables Sensibly

Most of us keep our valuables either in lockers in our banks or in safes that we have in our homes. Sadly, when we aren’t at home, these safes make an easy target for burglars. Even if they don’t have the time to hack the safe’s security features, smaller safes can easily be picked up and taken out of the house. Before leaving for a long vacation, it may be a good idea to get creative with storing valuables. We can put our jewellery and other small valuables away in small pouches and hide them in insignificant locations around the house, such as in the shoe cupboard or between clothes. This way, even if the burglar finds one or two things, the rest of our valuables will still be safe.

Finally, it goes without saying really, but purchasing a good insurance policy that keeps our homes secure and safeguards us from the implications of a burglary is an absolute must. Our home is our safe haven and these small but important steps can make it a little bit safer.

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