Guide to Edelweiss Switch

Your Guide to Edelweiss Switch

4th June 2020 8min read 13172 views

Edelweiss Switch is a great new product that follows an individual instead of a vehicle and provides motor insurance cover to that individual. If you’re wondering how you can enjoy all the benefits this easy-to-use product has to offer, we’re here with the answers. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know:

How Do I Purchase an Edelweiss Switch Policy?

To purchase Edelweiss Switch, you need to visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website. Once you select Edelweiss Switch, you will need to enter your age and a few details about the vehicle you are currently driving, such as the make, model and manufacturing year. You will then be provided with a quote. You can select to cover up to three drivers under the policy and even choose the sum insured. Remember to keep your driving license and a copy of your car’s registration certificate handy. You will need these details to add vehicles to your policy.

How Is My Premium Calculated?

Given the unique way in which this policy works, the calculation of the premium is also quite unique. There are two parts to the premium amount. One part will provide cover against damage by fire and loss due to theft. The second is for accidental damages. This accidental damage premium will only come into play if the cover is activated by you. When the policy expires, any amount of the accidental damage premium that has not been utilised will be returned to you.

How Do I Add Another Vehicle to the Policy?

In order to ensure you’re covered when you’re driving a new car, you will need to download the Policy App. You will receive a link for this on your registered mobile number once you purchase the policy. It’s important that you keep the app active to ensure you’re always covered. If you’d like to drive a different car, you need to use the ‘Addition of Vehicle’ option available in the app. This will allow you to enter the details required of the vehicle you will be driving. Make sure you do this before you start your journey to avoid any hassles later on.

How Many Drivers and Vehicles Can I Cover?

The beauty of this product is that it lets you cover multiple drivers and multiple cars at the same time. You can select to cover up to three drivers at the time of purchasing the policy. Once the policy is issued, however, you will not be able to make any changes to the drivers who are covered. You can also choose to cover up to three vehicles at any given time. You can use the Policy App to add and delete vehicles as required. To ensure that the policy continues to remain active, you need to have at least one 4-wheeler covered by the policy at all times.

Edelweiss Switch is a revolutionary product and will help you save on a lot of paperwork. Now that you have a better idea of how the product works, you can go ahead and explore the product a bit more.

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