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20th January 2022 8min read 1361 views

If you own a vehicle in India, you must have insurance. An insurance policy helps protect you and your finances after an accident. There are many different types of two-wheeler bike insurance plans available in the market. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Third-Party Liability Only

Such a policy only provides coverage for damages to third-party individuals or their property. It’s the most basic policy and legally required to ride your bike in India. A third-party-only plan will not help pay for damages to your vehicle or any of your injuries. Instead, it provides coverage against the death, injury or property loss to a third-party individual after you meet with an accident.

Comprehensive Cover

These plans offer third-party liability cover and coverage against damages to your two-wheeler. So if there is any financial loss caused by theft or attempted theft, accidents, riots or earthquakes, your two-wheeler bike insurance will come to the rescue. For even better protection, you can opt to add personal accident cover to your comprehensive policy. The additional coverage takes care of you if you get hospitalised after an accident.

Standalone Own Damage Cover

Insurance companies today allow you to purchase a separate own damage policy. So, damages to your bike get covered under this policy. Before you purchase an own damage policy, you need to show your insurer that you have a valid third-party liability insurance cover. With a third-party liability policy and an own damage policy, you can enjoy almost all the benefits offered by a comprehensive plan.

Buying and Renewing Bike Insurance

Today you can quickly buy two-wheeler insurance online in just a few minutes. Once you provide your registration details and a few updates about your bike, you will receive a policy in your inbox within a few seconds. The same is true for bike insurance renewal online. You can visit your insurer’s website and renew your policy in just a few minutes. Despite how easy it is to buy and renew two-wheeler bike insurance, many people miss their insurance due date and lose coverage. The easiest way to deal with the issue is by opting for multi-year insurance policies instead. Let’s take a look at why a multi-year insurance plan could be better for you:

Lower Premiums

Third-party policy premiums may increase periodically. So when you opt for an annual plan, you may have to pay a higher premium the following year. When you purchase a multi-year policy, you pay the premium for three or five years in one go. You don’t have to worry about any fluctuations in your premium for the next few years.

Avoid Lapses in Your Coverage

If you forget to renew your policy on time every year, you risk losing your coverage and your No Claim Bonus (NCB). You then have to purchase a new policy and start again. With a multi-year plan, you only have to complete the renewal process once in three years or once in five years. So, you don’t run the risk of losing your cover for those years.

Looking for a multi-year insurance plan from the best bike insurance company in India? Find what you need online! You can quickly compare other policies to the ones offered by Edelweiss General Insurance Company and select the plan that suits your needs. With a multi-year two-wheeler bike insurance policy, you can ride without any worries!

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