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Understanding Break-in Period in Bike Insurance

24th June 2022 8min read 159 views

Life today can get incredibly hectic. Everybody juggles family responsibilities with high-pressure jobs and more. Everyday life can seem overwhelming. In such situations, it’s possible to forget your motorbike insurance renewal date. In India, you need to have at least third-party liability  bike insurance. Today, you can opt for multi-year third-party policies, but many individuals have additional single-year comprehensive plans. Let’s look at what happens if you miss your bike policy renewal.

What Happens If I Don’t Renew My Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan?

If you forget to complete your bike renewal, don’t panic. Check your policy documents. Most insurance companies offer a grace period after the policy end date. If you pay the premium amount during the grace period, your two-wheeler insurance plan will resume as normal. Manoj has a single-year comprehensive bike insurance plan that he renews on the 23rd of June. In 2021, he realised on the 15th of July that his bike insurance expired three weeks ago. While going through his documents, he noticed a 30-day grace period, so he completed the bike insurance renewal online the same day. Since he paid the premium within the 30-day grace period, his coverage resumes as usual.

Your policy ends if you do not complete your two-wheeler renewal within the grace period. Should you meet with an accident after this, you will not be able to file any claims since you no longer enjoy insurance coverage. You can purchase a new policy later on to rectify the issue. The period between your previous policy end and the start of a new two-wheeler insurance plan is the break-in period.

Impact of a Break-In Period

Legal Impact
During the break-in period, you do not have an active insurance policy. Since third-party liability insurance is mandatory in India, you could receive a fine for riding your bike without the necessary insurance cover. You could receive a penalty or fine for riding without insurance. In case you are involved in an accident at this time, you could end up with various legal issues. In extreme situations, you may be liable for imprisonment.

Financial Impact
Since you don’t have insurance during the break-in period, it could impact your finances. If you meet with an accident during this time, you will have to pay for all damages from your pocket. You cannot file a claim for repairs to your vehicle or medical treatments required because of the accident.

No-Claim Bonus (NCB) Impact
Your two-wheeler insurance plan offers an NCB. If you get through a year without filing a claim, your insurance company provides a discount on your next premium. For the first year, your NCB is 20%. It increases by 5% for every subsequent year that you do not file a claim. The maximum NCB allowed is 50%. If you forget to complete your two-wheeler renewal on time, you risk losing your NCB. If your break-in period is less than 90 days, you might be able to roll your NCB over to the next policy. Otherwise, you will have to get a new insurance plan without any NCB.

How Do I Renew My Bike Insurance?

To avoid a break in your insurance coverage, you should complete your motorbike insurance renewal on time. Once you purchase a policy, set yourself an 11-month reminder. It will notify you to pay your premiums with 30 days to spare. Today, you can quickly renew your two-wheeler insurance plan online in just a few minutes. Visit your insurance company’s website and enter your bike’s registration number. You can choose additional add-ons and pay the premium to renew your policy.

A break in your insurance could lead to legal and financial ramifications. It’s always best to have your paperwork ready to avoid hassles in the future. Your insurance company will send you reminders about your bike policy renewal date. Ensure you act on these reminders quickly to enjoy continued insurance coverage. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website today to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy.

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