Comprehensive two wheeler insurance

3 Reasons Why Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance is Crucial

3rd December 2021 8min read 1215 views

Buying a two-wheeler in India is often a massive deal. It’s the first vehicle young workers can afford, and it offers independence and convenience. But, figuring out all the paperwork that comes with owning a bike isn’t always easy. You may know that you require two-wheeler insurance, but choosing the ideal plan can seem like a Herculean task. There are several plans available in the market that offer different levels of coverage. Here’s a look at three reasons why comprehensive plans are crucial for bike owners:

Legal Compliance

To legally ride your vehicle in India, you need at least third-party bike insurance. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy offers you third-party cover and more! When you opt for comprehensive plans, you get own damage and personal accident cover as well. These additional covers help secure your finances after an accident. The own damage section of the bike insurance policy looks after repairs to your vehicle while the personal accident cover helps pay for medical procedures you may require as a result of an accident. Finally, the mandatory third-party coverage helps look after the cost of treating a third party or repairing their property. Since third-party bike insurance is necessary, opting for a comprehensive policy is a good idea.

Quick Paperwork

Sometimes, people only purchase two-wheeler third-party insurance. After a while, they may want to increase their coverage, so they buy a different own damage bike insurance policy or personal accident cover plan. Now, they have two or three separate policies they need to think about and renew every year. With comprehensive plans, you have a single document that covers all your bases. So, purchasing the policy or even completing the bike  insurance renewal online is quick and easy. You can buy a comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance policy from the Edelweiss website in under 10 minutes!

Affordable Customisations

As we have already established, a comprehensive plan offers more than just third-party cover. These policies also take care of damages to you and your vehicle in multiple situations, including natural disasters. Purchasing a comprehensive bike insurance policy is lighter on your pocket than three separate plans. And, if you want even more financial protection, you can pick add-ons to customise your policy. Every add-on will increase your premium, but covers like zero depreciation and engine protection are worth it in the long run!

When the time comes for you to purchase your two-wheeler bike insurance, you should take a little time to evaluate your options. Comprehensive plans are the obvious choice, but you should shop around and find an insurance provider who can offer you everything you need without pinching your wallet. With the right policy, you can ride through life without any worries.

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