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The Importance of Insured Two-Wheelers in India’s Metros

24th February 2022 8min read 151 views

The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the need for a personal vehicle in India’s metros. Most people who work in large cities rely on public transport to travel to work and back every day. Since the pandemic lockdowns shut down public transport, people realised the necessity of having their own vehicle. Not everybody can afford a comfortable car, but almost every family has the means to purchase a two-wheeler. Let’s look at the most common reasons why Indian families should get a bike in big cities:

Freedom of Movement

A two-wheeler allows individuals to move around whenever they want. They don’t have to rely on public transport timetables or unexpected delays. People typically use their bikes to get to work and back at their convenience. Bikes also take up less space, which makes parking a breeze. With cars, people often have to think about the parking situation before purchasing or renting a home, taking the car to the office, or even heading to a busy street.

Minimal Contact with Others

During the pandemic, we learned we had to maintain a minimum distance of two metres from the people around us. The feat is almost impossible to achieve while walking or commuting via public transport. A two-wheeler makes it easy for people to maintain their distance from others while still travelling easily and conveniently.


Bikes and two-wheelers do not cost as much as cars or SUVs. In fact, they are often lighter on the pocket than taxis, making them the most cost-effective means of movement. Apart from the low initial cost of purchase, two-wheelers use less petrol and require less maintenance than larger vehicles.

The Importance of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Now that you know how a bike can make life easier, let’s take a look at why it is crucial to get two-wheeler bike insurance. Statistics declared by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways stated that 37% of road accident fatalities were people riding on two-wheelers. With the pandemic making bikes popular, these numbers are likely to get worse. Protecting yourself by riding safely and wearing the right helmet correctly can help, and so can motorcycle insurance.

Legal Protection

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, you need at least third-party bike insurance to ride on Indian roads. A third-party insurance plan helps take care of the costs of damages to a third party and their property after an accident.

Financial Protection

A comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance policy offers financial protection after an accident. Repairing your two-wheeler or dealing with medical bills after a dangerous accident can make a dent in your wallet. With the help of a good insurance policy, you don’t have to worry. The policy will help take care of repairs and medical bills so that you can focus on your recovery.

Today, purchasing a bike insurance plan is quick and easy. You can complete the entire process online in just a few minutes. To purchase an Edelweiss motor insurance policy, you need to visit the website and enter your two-wheeler’s registration details. You can select the add-on covers you want and make the payment securely. When your policy tenure gets over, you can complete your bike insurance renewal online as well.

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