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2nd September 2021 8min read 4500 views

Almost every Indian household owns at least one two-wheeler. Apart from offering great value of money, bikes allow individuals to weave through traffic. Despite the many benefits that two-wheelers offer, people often forget to look after their bikes properly. They may miss a service appointment or neglect to clean their vehicles properly. Here’s a quick look at some routine checks, bike owners should carry out every few weeks. By doing this, they can enjoy a smooth ride every time.

Tyre Pressure

When your tyres have less air pressure than required, your two-wheeler will drag. So your ride becomes uncomfortable, and you lose control of the vehicle. Always ensure you fill your tyres with the optimum tyre pressure. If you cannot tell whether there’s enough air or not, try pressing the tyre or lightly kicking it. If it yields easily, you should head to the nearest petrol pump and refill your tyres.


Let’s not beat around the bush. Riding around with brakes that do not function properly can end up being fatal. Working brakes can save lives! Many components need to work in tandem for your bike to stop. So, check your brakes before every ride. After a few years, you may have to replace the brake pads and fluid. You should also check the wiring frequently.

Chain Lubrication

Your bike’s chain should have sufficient pressure and lubrication. A dry chain could snap, dislodge from the sprocket and lock your wheel. If this happens, you could lose control of your vehicle and even crash.

Indicators and Lights

While riding on busy roads, you must have responsive indicators. Without them, other motorists might not know where you’re heading, which can have disastrous consequences. If you ride after sunset, you must ensure that all your lights are working so that others on the road can see where you are.


Most new two-wheelers boast an electronic display. Ensure that your fuel indicator and speedometer reflect accurate information. If not, you could end up in a sticky situation with an empty tank, even when your display shows a full one.

While these tips can help you avoid accidents, you should know how to deal with them. Having a comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance plan is a must. Your two-wheeler insurance policy can help you deal with the cost of repairing your prized possession. Many bike insurance companies in India also offer cover for the vehicle owner or rider. So if you end up in a hospital after an accident, the policy will help pay for your treatments. Getting a bike insurance plan in India today is easy. You can purchase two-wheeler insurance online in India in just a few minutes!

Taking care of your bike is crucial, but so is having insurance. With a well-serviced two-wheeler and a comprehensive insurance policy, you have everything you need to ride carefree!

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