Car Care Tips for Rainy Season

Monsoon Car Care Tips -Get your Car Rain Ready

9th August 2019 8min read 14546 views

With the onset of the monsoon, the grass gets greener and the weather gets cooler. But, the roads also get wet and slippery, making them incredibly difficult to drive on. Whether you drive every single day or only take your car out on the weekends, you need to know all the rainy season safety tips to keep your car running smoothly all through the monsoon. Now we all know that we have to check our tyres and brakes before the rains hit, but here’s a look at some lesser-known car care tips that will make driving through the rainy season a real breeze.

1. Keep Your Windshield Clear

When you’re driving through a heavy downpour, your car’s windshield and windows have the irritating habit of fogging up. You can fix the problem by changing your car’s temperature, but we don’t recommend fidgeting with various controls while you’re manoeuvring through peak hour traffic. Instead, you can use a windshield cleaner and defogger to keep your windscreen clear. There’s also another cool way to keep your car humidity free. Fill an old sock with silica (yes, the small packets you find in new shoes, handbags and more) and keep it on your dashboard every time you park your car. It will absorb the excess moisture in the air and keep your windscreen clear.

2. Double Check the Weatherstripping

The rubber strips that seal your car’s doors are known as weatherstrips. Over time, the rubber’s condition could deteriorate. If you don’t check your weatherstrips before the monsoon starts, you might end up with water dripping onto your upholstery or getting the entire cabin wet. You should check the rubber strips on all your doors to ensure they’re in a good condition before the monsoon hits.

3. Replace Your Wipers

Too often, we drive our cars with the same old wipers for 5-7 years, until we’re ready to sell the vehicle and purchase a new one. This isn’t a good idea at all. Over time, the rubber on your wipers can become hard, which prevents your wipers from working properly and could also damage your windshield. If you want to enjoy the best possible visibility during the monsoons, you should check your wipers and get them replaced if necessary.

4. Keep the Car Uncovered

Using a car cover in the monsoon is a terrible idea as the material can trap moisture and cause rust to develop on your car’s body. The cover is also likely to stick to the body when it’s wet, which could damage your paint job when you try to remove it. Instead, keep your car uncovered and make sure that you use a dry cloth to wipe off rain droplets every day to avoid them from leaving stains on your paint job.

Now that you know all the monsoon car care tips, you can drive through heavy rains without any hassles!

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