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3rd November 2020 8min read 1969 views

According to the 2016 ICE 360˚ Survey, one in three Indian households, or roughly 33% of Indian families, owns a two-wheeler. Bikes or scooters are used to navigate through peak hour traffic and ferry people to and from work. A two-wheeler is often looked at as an economical option. But, if you’re not getting the best performance or from your bike, is it really pocket-friendly? When it comes to using a two-wheeler, you want to make every mile count. Here’s a look at a few things you can do to make sure you get the most from your two-wheeler!

Keep Your Appointments

You must maintain your bike properly and get it serviced regularly. Ideally, a service appointment should be every 3 or 4 months. A mechanic will check things such as your tyre pressure, the level of your engine oil, condition of the chain, your brakes and more. If anything is not performing as well as it should, it can be dealt with immediately. If you miss a service appointment, you could end up lowering the performance of your two-wheeler, which will shorten the vehicle’s life cycle.

Park in the Right Spot

Most Indian cities have hot and humid weather for the better part of the year. If your two-wheeler is left exposed to the elements, you could lose fuel due to evaporation, while exposure to direct sunlight can do a real number on your paint job. Whenever you park your bike, try and find a shaded area. This will help you save on fuel and will also keep your bike looking good.

Modify Within Reason

If you make any changes to your two-wheeler, it can affect your bike’s performance. Large tyres that are very wide increase drag, which decreases your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Adding heavy accessories like enveloping guards or very large crash guards can cause you to use more fuel than necessary.

Keep It Clean

Most people remember to wash and clean their bikes, but they may not give a second thought to the fuel they are using. Adulterated fuel will hurt your two-wheeler’s performance. It will also pollute the environment. Make sure you fill fuel from a trusted petrol pump to avoid damaging your vehicle and bringing down your two-wheeler’s efficiency.

Cruise Control

To maximise your two-wheeler’s fuel consumption, you should ride your bike at an average speed to 40 to 55 kilometres per hour. You shouldn’t accelerate or brake abruptly as hard acceleration and frequent braking can cause high levels of fuel to be consumed within a short span of time. By following the speed limits, you should be able to enjoy great mileage!

Two-wheelers help most Indians move from one place to the next. Here, having a bike isn’t a luxury, isn’t a necessity for most families. Apart from following these tips, you should also ensure that you have a good two-wheeler insurance policy to keep you and your bike safe. This will allow you to ride around the city absolutely hassle-free!

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