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Purchasing a vehicle fills most of us with pride. Whether it’s your first-ever vehicle or just an upgrade, we’re sure you want to do everything you can to take care of your car or bike. The best way to do that is by getting a motor insurance policy. To do that, you need to locate your vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, the chassis number and the engine number. If you’re struggling to find them, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to what these details are and where you can find them.

What Is a VIN?

The VIN is like your vehicle’s fingerprint. It is unique to your car alone. The VIN has 17 characters and provides information on the age of the car or bike, your registration details, recalls and more. Manufacturer details are provided in the first three characters. The following six characters let you know more about the model. Finally, the last eight digits talk about the type of engine, the model year, kind of transmission, and the plant code. The VIN becomes crucial in cases where you’re purchasing a second-hand bike or car. You can run the VIN through a database to check the actual age of the vehicle. Additionally, you can find out if the car or bike was involved in any suspicious activity.

What Is a Chassis Number?

The last six digits of your VIN make up the chassis number. You can use the VIN and chassis number interchangeably.

How to find engine number and chassis number online?

Step 1: Go to Vahan NR e-Services' official website. "Know Your Vehicle Details" should be chosen.

Step 2: Log in using the mobile number you registered.

Step 3: Enter your vehicle's information and the captcha.

How to find bike details with chassis number?

Visit the Vahan Parivahan website at to view car details online. Select the know your vehicle details option from the menu immediately. add your mobile number, etc. Specify the make, model, and engine of your vehicle.

What Is an Engine Number?

Similar to a VIN, the engine number is unique. It provides details solely about the engine and not the vehicle as a whole. It’s critical to use these details separately and correctly. You cannot submit your engine number in places where you need to give your VIN or chassis number.

Locating The VIN For Your Two-Wheeler Bike Insurance

The location of the VIN will depend on the model of your two-wheeler. Most bikes have the VIN on the steering neck. So, if you turn the handles, you should be able to see it. Sometimes, the VIN might be near the engine. If you’re unsure where to look for the VIN, you should contact your two-wheeler’s manufacturer.

Locating The Engine Number For Your Bike Insurance Company In India

You can find the engine number stamped on your two-wheeler’s engine. If you do not see it immediately, try looking at the engine from different angles. The engine number is also printed in your bike’s owner manual and on the vehicle’s registration certificate.

Locating the VIN for Your Four-Wheeler Insurance Company

There are several ways to find the VIN for your car. The easiest way is by looking at your Registration Certificate (RC). If you don’t have the RC on hand, you can find the VIN on the car itself. Some manufacturers print the VIN on the driver’s side dashboard. Other manufacturers might print the VIN on a metal strip on the driver side door. Most often, the VIN is printed near the engine. So, you’ll have to open your car’s hood and check. You should also check below the spare tyre in your boot. If you’re unable to locate the VIN, you can call your car manufacturer.

Locating the Engine Number for Your Motor Direct Car Insurance Policy

Just like the VIN, you can also find the engine number on your vehicle’s RC. Most car manufacturers will print the number on a metal strip on the engine and ensure it is visible whenever you open the hood.

You can also find your vehicle’s VIN and engine number online with the help of the VAHAN website. These details are crucial in helping you purchase the best possible motor insurance policy for your vehicle. So, make sure you note down these important details and keep them safe.

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