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7th May 2021 8min read 3077 views

In India, moving across state lines is incredibly easy. People continuously move from one city to another in search of a better job. But, one thing that many don’t realise is that you need to re-register your vehicle if you’re moving to another state. If you’ve recently shifted and need to get this done, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to re-registering your vehicle in a new state:

Get a No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Before you move, you need to apply for a NOC from the state authority where your car or bike is currently registered. The NOC says that the state road transport authority does not have an issue with the vehicle moving to another state. The process is crucial as it verifies that there are no pending fines and that the vehicle wasn’t stolen. You need to submit Form 28, an attested copy of your vehicle’s registration certificate, a self-attested copy of your motor insurance policy, a copy of the vehicle’s PUC certificate, your driving license and some address proof to apply.

Pay the Road Tax

Getting your NOC could take a few weeks. Once you receive the green light, you need to pay some road tax. The tax will depend on where you’re shifting to since it’s different for different regions. You can make a lifetime road tax payment via demand draft. Once it is processed, you can get your old state’s road tax reimbursed. You need to apply to get the reimbursement.

Re-Register Your Vehicle

After you get the NOC and shift, you must apply for re-registration of the vehicle. Ideally, get this done as soon as possible since most states require the application within a year of the shift. Additionally, the NOC has an expiration date, so make sure you get the process started before the NOC expires. To apply for the re-registration, you need the following documents:

  • The original car’s old registration certificate
  • Three copies of the submitted Form 28 or the NOC
  • Form 20 – your request for re-registration
  • Form 27 – application for a new registration mark
  • An attested copy of your new address proof
  • An attested copy of your valid two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance
  • An attested copy of the PUC certificate
  • Copy of your PAN Card or Forms 60 and 61

Once you submit all the paperwork, you should get the new registration number within a few days.

Getting your car or bike re-registered will help avoid paperwork issues in the future. Now that you know what to do, you can quickly and easily get your vehicle re-registered when you shift from one state to another.

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