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How to Look After Your Vehicle in a Lockdown

23rd April 2020 8min read 5711 views

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a complete halt. Governments across the globe have mandated that individuals stay home and practice social distancing to flatten the curve and curb the spread of the virus. In India, a country-wide lockdown has been in place since the 23rd of March, with people moving out only to purchase essential items from stores close to their homes. This means that a lot of people have left their cars and bikes idle for over 3 weeks now. Understandably, you may be worried about the impact the lockdown will have on your vehicle. Thankfully, we’re here with some helpful tips.

If your vehicle is parked in a safe location, where you can access it without breaking any lockdown or social distancing rules, here’s a look at a few things you can do to keep your car and bike healthy:

1. Start Your Engine

If you don’t start your vehicle’s engine at least once a week, chances are you’ll find yourself struggling with a dead battery once the lockdown is lifted. If your vehicle is parked under your building and it is safe for you to access it, try and start the car or bike at least once a week and leave it idling for a minimum of 15 minutes. You should also turn on your air conditioner and roll the windows down a little to prevent moisture from building up in the car. This will keep your battery running smoothly. If this isn’t possible, it’s a good idea to disconnect your battery to prevent it from draining over time.

2. Park Carefully

If you have a bike, make sure you prop it up on the main stand to avoid unnecessary strain on the side stand. With cars as well, it’s important to understand the effect the parking brake can have on the brake pads. If you’ve left your car parked with the parking brake on, it may cause the rotor to stick or fuse to the brake pads. Ideally, you should avoid engaging the parking brake and leave your car in the 1st gear. You can place stones behind and in front of your tyres to stop your car from rolling.

3. Keep It Covered

If you do not have access to covered parking where you live, you may have to park in the open. This is where a vehicle cover will come in handy. A cover will help protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the elements. A car cover will prevent damage to your paint job, while a bike cover will make sure your seat stays nice and clean all through the lockdown. You should also try and seal any exhaust ports to prevent rats from getting into the vehicle. If this isn’t possible right now, don’t worry. A thorough cleaning, once the lockdown is lifted, should be enough to have your vehicle running smoothly.

4. Move Your Tyres

When you leave your vehicle parked for a long period of time, it can cause your tyres to develop flat spots. If you have the place, you should try moving your vehicle a few metres every once in a while. If you’ve parked your bike on the central stand, then you can manually rotate your tyres to prevent flat spots and other damage to your tyres.

Looking after your vehicle during the lockdown doesn’t have to be stressful. These easy tips should keep your car and bike maintained until it is safe for you to use them again. Once the lockdown is lifted, remember to get your vehicle cleaned thoroughly and serviced properly before venturing out on long journeys.

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