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How to Insure My Bike for Long Rides

1st September 2022 8min read 437 views

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of taking your bike on long rides across the country. Most avid bikers service their two-wheelers regularly and maintain their vehicles incredibly well, but this is not enough. Before you head out on a long road trip with your steed, you must plan and get the right  bike insurance coverage. When you look for two-wheeler insurance online, you can find several options. Understanding the ideal policy for your needs isn’t always easy. Let’s look at how you should plan and prepare for long rides.

Preparing Your Bike for Long Rides

Plan and Pack

Before you head out, you must plan your trip well. Pick your route and check the terrain. Ensure you have the right vehicle to ride along the roads, especially if you’re heading to the mountains or along rough, dirt roads. Think about where and when you’d like to stop and for how long. While packing, create an emergency kit that contains flashlights, medicines and bike cleaning products. You should also check all your vehicle paperwork to ensure that your two-wheeler insurance policy  is up to date.

Inspect the Bike

Regular inspections should be a part of your routine. Before you head out on long adventures, you must check a few things. Start with the tyre pressure, lights and mirrors. Have a mechanic check the coolant and hydraulic levels as well. Finally, do a short test drive to check that your clutch and brake are working as they should. Remember, if you miss checking your bike’s condition, you may not be eligible to file a claim against your two-wheeler insurance plan.

Get Your Basics Right

You must know a few rules before heading out on a long ride. First, ensure you put your safety and health first. Get yourself the ideal kit and helmet for long journeys to avoid discomfort. Carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated and get energy-rich snacks for the trip. Follow all the road and safety regulations for a worry-free ride.

Purchase the Ideal Policy

India has made third-party motor insurance mandatory. If you’re thinking about long rides and bike insurance, third-party coverage alone will not do. Consider getting a comprehensive plan instead. These plans cover damages to your vehicle, ensuring you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, you can select add-ons such as roadside assist to ensure you get instant help when you need it most.

Choosing the Right Online Two-Wheeler Policy

Given the number of insurance policies available today, selecting the right plan can seem impossible. While browsing for new bike insurance, check which insurance company offers you the best coverage at the most affordable price. You should also look up the company’s claim settlement ratio and check for add-ons that enhance your bike’s protection. The best insurance policies take care of you, your vehicle and your finances.

Before undertaking a long journey, ensure you complete your two-wheeler insurance renewal online.  You don’t want to risk losing your coverage while you’re on the road. If you don’t have insurance for your vehicle yet, don’t worry. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website to get insurance for motorcycle online in just a few minutes. Remember, a comprehensive plan is the best way to secure your ride and stay carefree on your long journey!

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