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How to Get Your Bike Accessories Insured

25th February 2022 8min read 300 views

Purchasing a two-wheeler is incredibly thrilling. Your bike might be your first-ever big purchase, and we’re sure you want to do whatever you can to keep it running smoothly. You may opt for accessories to enhance your vehicle’s performance or keep it safe. But these accessories aren’t automatically covered under your bike insurance policy. If you have only third-party bike insurance, your insurer will not cover damages to your vehicle after an accident. Let’s look at how you can better protect your bike and its accessories.

Finding the Right Bike Insurance Policy

Instead of a third-party only insurance plan, you can opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy. The Edelweiss motor insurance policy offers third-party protection and takes care of your vehicle and you. If you’d like enhanced coverage, you can opt for add-on covers like pillion protect and depreciation protect. They will help cover costs for injuries to your pillion rider and protect your wallet from the depreciating cost of bike parts. Understanding which add-ons to choose can seem overwhelming. Remember, every add-on impacts your premium. So, you should only pick bike insurance add-ons that add considerable value to your policy.

Getting Cover for Accessories

To get coverage for damage to your bike accessories, you need to purchase accessories cover as an add-on with your bike insurance plan. The add-on is only available if you buy an own damage policy or a comprehensive plan. The add-on helps look after damages to your accessories. Before you purchase the add-on, you might have to provide your insurer with an estimate of the total cost of your bike’s accessories.

The Importance of Cover for Accessories

Getting the add-on cover for your accessories can safeguard your wallet from high costs in the future. In case of complete total loss of your vehicle, you will not get reimbursed for the cost of your accessories without the add-on. With the add-on, you won’t have to worry about damages to accessories like your bike cover, helmet lock, mobile holder and riding gear.

Accessories allow you to enhance your vehicle and the riding experience. Unfortunately, they may come at a cost. To ensure your wallet doesn’t bear the burden, you should opt for the accessories cover add-on with your comprehensive Edelweiss motor insurance policy. When you complete your bike insurance renewal online every year, ensure the add-on gets included with your policy. By doing this, you can safeguard your finances in the future.

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