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How to File a Claim Insurance if Someone Hits Parked Car? - Edelweiss GI Blog

4th July 2022 8min read 138 views

A four-wheeler provides ease and convenience. You can hop into your vehicle and get to your destination comfortably, regardless of the weather. Most families who own a car spend a lot of time and effort maintaining it and keeping it in pristine condition. Finding bumps, dents and scratches on your four-wheeler can be incredibly frustrating – especially if you don’t know how they got there. Let’s look at what happens if somebody hits your vehicle when parked and how car insurance can help.

Scenario 1:

You’re out shopping with a few friends. You find a coveted parking space outside the store and parallel park on the first attempt. While you’re shopping, somebody tries parking behind you. They accidentally hit your bumper. Unable to find you, this person leaves a note on your dashboard apologising for the accident and providing you with contact details. Since they were at fault, your vehicle's damages get covered under their  third-party liability insurance. You can use the contact details to get in touch and ask them to file the claim for the cost of repairing your four-wheeler.

Once the claim gets accepted, the 3rd-party car insurance plan will provide financial assistance for repairs.

Scenario 2:

You’ve parked your car outside the office for a few minutes as you run in to pick up an important document. In the five minutes you’re inside, somebody accidentally hits your side mirror and breaks it. Instead of waiting to identify you, the person drives away. You come out to see your mirror hanging from the side of your car. If you only have third-party liability insurance, you cannot file a claim for repairs to your vehicle. Since the other driver drove away, you don’t have their details, so you cannot get the damages covered by their policy either. In such a situation, having a  comprehensive car insurance plan becomes crucial.

Dealing with a Hit and Run

If somebody hits your parked car and drives away, you should:

Note Down Vehicle Details
If you’re in the vicinity, note the car’s registration number. You can use these details to contact the driver and file your police report.

Look for a Witness
Ask the people around if they saw what happened. See if you can get a vehicle description or the registration number. Note down the contact details of these witnesses as you may require their help later.

Document the Damage
Before you do anything else, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the accident site. These pictures will help when you talk to the police.

File an FIR
Call the police to inform them about the accident. You must file a First Information Report (FIR). The cops will investigate the incident and may find the person who damaged your vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Inform Your Insurance Company

You can file a claim with your comprehensive vehicle insurance company against your comprehensive coverage. You will likely have to submit your FIR and details about the accident with your claim request. Start by calling your insurance company and informing them about the accident. Next, send a claim request with the required paperwork, including the FIR, your license, car registration details, and insurance policy number. Your insurance company may send an inspector to survey the damage to your vehicle. They will submit their report to the company to approve the required repairs. You can choose to get your car repaired at a network garage for a cashless claim. Or, you can send the vehicle to your preferred garage and then furnish the bills to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Seeing your car get damaged while parked can be difficult. With comprehensive insurance coverage, you won’t have to worry about the cost of getting your four-wheeler repaired. To avoid sticky situations, you must renew your policy in time. Every insurance company today allows policyholders to complete their car insurance renewal online. To protect your vehicle, visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website to read about our comprehensive and third-party car insurance online.

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