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How To Claim Insurance For Bike Theft

16th November 2022 8min read 90 views

Most Indians hold two-wheelers very close to their hearts. A bike is generally a family’s first vehicle. Some develop a deep love for bikes and continue to upgrade their two-wheelers through life. Unfortunately, bikes are also easy targets for thefts since they’re easy to move even without the keys. Luckily, India made motor and bike insurance mandatory through the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. After a theft, the insurance company will help you deal with bike theft as long as you have a valid insurance policy covering thefts.

What Is the Bike Insurance Claims Process?

If your two-wheeler gets stolen, you need to file an insurance claim. You must know all the bike insurance claim rules to avoid rejection. Let’s look at how policyholders can file bike insurance claims for theft:

Step 1: File a First Information Report (FIR)

Inform the police as soon as you realise your bike got stolen. Visit the nearest police station and ask to file a First Information Report. Ensure you get a copy of the FIR, as you need to submit it with your claim request.

Step 2: Call the Insurance Company

Your next call should be to your two-wheeler insurance company. Inform them about the incident and that you want to file a bike theft insurance claim. Most insurance companies have a time limit after a theft when you must file your request.

Step 3: Inform the Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Head to your regional transport office and submit the necessary documents to record that your bike got stolen.

Step 4: Get Your Paperwork in Order

You must submit copies of your FIR, RTO paperwork, two-wheeler registration certificate, driving license and more with your vehicle’s claim form. Ask your insurance company about the various paperwork required and get it ready.

Step 5: Ask for the Non-Traceable Certificate (NTC)

Request the police to provide you with an NTC or untraceable report. It states that they investigated your FIR but cannot locate the stolen two-wheeler. The insurance company requires this document before settling your claim.

Step 6: Wait for Claim Approval

Once the insurance company receives the required documents and investigates the claim, they will approve your request. They will settle your claim by providing the IDV amount.

What Is IDV in Bike Insurance?

When you purchase two-wheeler insurance, you will come across the term IDV. You may not know what IDV means in bike insurance. The IDV refers to the value of your vehicle at the time. It is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay for a theft claim. Your vehicle's IDV depends on the age and condition of your two-wheeler.

Dealing with the theft of your two-wheeler is difficult. Familiarising yourself with the claims process can help. You can only raise a claim if you have a valid insurance policy. Today, you can quickly purchase an online two-wheeler policy  within a few minutes. Provide your vehicle’s registration number and details about your two-wheeler to find the ideal plan for your bike. Ensure you complete your bike insurance renewal on time every year to avoid losing your coverage.

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