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How to check your car insurance claim history

19th October 2022 8min read 135 views

Cars are no longer viewed as a luxury in India. They have become essential. A four-wheeler gives you the freedom to travel at your convenience. Many people opt for a second-hand vehicle when buying a car for the first time. It helps them gain affordable access to a four-wheeler they like while still brushing up on their driving skills. Purchasing a second-hand vehicle can often seem like a game of roulette. You may get a great car in excellent condition or one that is one pothole away from breaking down completely. While a thorough examination can help point you in the right direction, it’s also a good idea to complete a vehicle insurance check.

Why Should You Check a Car’s Insurance Claim History?

A car’s insurance claim history lets you know whether the vehicle has been involved in any big accidents previously. You can use the information to evaluate how well the four-wheeler will function and how long it will last you. Checking the claim history becomes crucial while purchasing a second-hand car. Even if there aren’t any visible issues, you will likely inspect a vehicle properly once you know the owner raised a claim in the past.

The car’s insurance claim history also helps you understand potential premiums in the future. Once you file a claim against a policy, the insurance company will likely increase the premium. You also lose your No Claim Bonus (NCB), which further impacts your overall insurance cost. Luckily, you can quickly complete a vehicle insurance status check online from the comfort of your home.

How to Check a Car’s Insurance Claim History

In India, you can check a vehicle’s claim history on the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) website. Head to the V SEVA option under quick links. You will get redirected to a form. You must provide a few contact details and the vehicle’s registration number to view details about past claims and accidents. You can also contact your insurance company to check the claim history of your current vehicle.

How to Check Vehicle Insurance Status Online

You might misplace your policy documents or forget when your insurance premium is due. Thankfully, you can swiftly check the vehicle insurance details by registration number online. Visit the IIB website and enter the required vehicle and contact details to check car insurance validity online. While checking the car insurance status, remember that it takes two months for the data repository to get updated, so you may not be able to view the latest information. If you cannot find the required insurance details, you can visit your Regional Transport Office (RTO) and ask for them.

When you are buying a new four-wheeler or purchasing a new insurance plan, it’s good to do your homework. Complete a vehicle insurance check online before making any decisions. You can also check car insurance validity online to understand when your premium is due. The information helps you complete your car insurance renewal online in a timely fashion, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted coverage.

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