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How Do I Renew My Expired Car Insurance Policy?

21st October 2022 8min read 181 views

Motor insurance coverage is mandatory in India. While purchasing a car, people buy a plan but may forget to complete their car policy renewal on time. A lapsed policy could bring legal violations and fines, higher insurance premiums in the future, and a voided No Claim Bonus (NCB). The renewal process for an expired car insurance plan depends on how much time has passed since the policy expired. Let’s look at how you can complete your vehicle insurance renewal online.

How to Complete Car Insurance Expired Policy Renewal

Immediately After Expiry

You may put off renewing your insurance plan until the last day. Something important may come up, causing you to forget. Finally, you get a notice saying your policy has expired and you no longer enjoy insurance coverage. You quickly head to your insurance company’s website and complete your insurance renewal online within a few minutes. Since the policy expired only a few hours or days previously, the company will likely not increase your premium or reduce your NCB. It’s a good idea to avoid driving between the policy expiring and you completing your car insurance renewal.

During the Car Insurance Expired Grace Period

Every insurance company offers a grace period from when your car insurance policy expires. You can visit your insurance company’s website to renew the plan during this time without losing your NCB. You also avoid penalties like a higher premium when you renew your policy during the grace period. Some companies cap the grace period at 30 days, while others extend it to 90 days. You should check your policy documents to understand what grace period your insurance company offers. You lose your coverage until you renew the plan, so you must avoid driving your vehicle without insurance.

After the Grace Period

You must apply for a new plan if you do not complete your vehicle insurance renewal during the grace period. You require a car inspection, and your NCB gets reset to zero. You can visit your preferred insurance company’s website to purchase a new plan. Most companies enable online surveys for inspection. You have to upload pictures or videos of your vehicle from various angles. The insurance company will evaluate the condition of your car and provide a premium amount accordingly. Until you renew your four-wheeler insurance online or offline, you risk driving without the required paperwork, which could attract legal action and fines.

We strive to make every process as quick and easy as possible at Edelweiss General Insurance. In the month leading up to your policy expiry, you can visit the website and renew your plan online within a few seconds. Enter your vehicle’s registration number to pay the new premium and maintain your car’s insurance coverage. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website today to purchase a new plan or renew your existing one.

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