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How Bike Inspections Contribute to Various Stages of Your Bike Insurance Policy

13th June 2022 8min read 547 views

When you purchase a vehicle, you want to do whatever you can to take care of it. A good bike insurance plan will allow you to look after your two-wheeler and ensure you follow the letter of the law. In India, you legally require at least third-party liability cover for your vehicle. Sometimes, the insurance company may ask to complete a bike inspection. Let’s learn about these inspections and why they happen.

What Is a Bike Inspection?

Your insurance company may send an officer to your address to inspect your two-wheeler. They need to verify the bike’s existence and check its condition. During the bike inspection, your insurance company will check if there’s any existing damage and if your two-wheeler meets all the required government regulations.

When Do Bike Inspections Occur?

Your insurance company may ask for an inspection in a few different cases. They are:

When Buying a Bike Insurance Plan
If you’re purchasing a policy for the first time, your insurance company may want to verify your vehicle. They could send a surveyor to your address to inspect the two-wheeler before agreeing to provide bike insurance coverage.

During Bike Insurance Renewal
Insurance companies may ask to inspect your vehicle during your bike policy renewal. They want to ensure that your bike does not have any damage that could impact its performance.

Once You File a Claim
Once you file a claim against your bike insurance plan, your insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the damage. After the inspection, the insurance company can estimate the cost of repairs.

If There’s a Break in Insurance
If you forget to complete your bike insurance renewal on time, you may have a break in your insurance. When you get a new policy, the insurance company will ask for an inspection to understand the current value of your two-wheeler. The process allows them to provide you with a suitable policy.

What Does a Bike Inspection Include?

If your chosen insurance company requests an inspection, you should know what they will check. A surveyor may take clear pictures of your two-wheeler or record a video while walking around the bike. By doing this, they can quickly understand if there’s any visible damage to your vehicle. They will also note down where there are dents and scratches. The surveyor will record your vehicle’s registration number and the chassis number. Finally, they note any additional accessories you may have installed.

Does Inspection Impact the Bike Insurance Price?

An inspection may impact your bike insurance premium. Companies offer competitive costs for well-maintained bikes. If you look after your two-wheeler, you are less likely to get involved in an accident or face engine trouble. Conversely, a vehicle in poor condition could cause problems on the road. So, the insurance company may quote a higher premium in such cases.

Making the Most of Your Bike Insurance Plan

In India, only third-party coverage is mandatory. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) sets the two-wheeler third-party insurance premium amount. These policies are affordable and offer protection from third-party liability only. If you want to enhance your cover, you can choose a comprehensive plan with add-ons. Once you have a plan, you must remember to complete your  two-wheeler insurance renewal on time. Today, you can quickly complete your two-wheeler insurance renewal online in under five minutes. By keeping your bike insured, you can avoid unnecessary inspections and enjoy complete coverage and peace of mind. You can get started on your bike insurance journey today with Edelweiss General Insurance. We offer policies that include personal accident cover and have a range of add-ons for you to enhance your coverage.

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