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20th July 2020 8min read 8798 views

Most Indians wait for the monsoon eagerly. It brings some much-needed respite from the scorching heat and is necessary for our crops. But, looking after a two-wheeler during the monsoon months can be quite a task. There’s always the fear that the water could affect your wires or rust integral parts of your bike. If you’re the proud owner of a motorcycle, we’re here with some helpful tips that will keep your two-wheeler cruising smoothly all through monsoons.

1. Think Teflon

Most two-wheelers today are built with fibre, but certain old-school bikes still come with metal bodies. Irrespective of what your bike is made of, it’s a great idea to get a Teflon coating on your panels before the rains really hit. The coating will protect your paint job, provide a glossy finish, and could even stop your bike from getting rusted.

2. Check Your Chain

In all honesty, you should clean your bike chain frequently irrespective of the season. During the monsoons, however, regular cleaning becomes even more important. Dirt particles can get embedded in the chain, which could limit its movement and cause terrible mishaps on the road. Take a little time every week to clean and lubricate your chain to keep it moving as required.

3. Clear the Air Filter

As we all know, the air can get heavy with moisture during the rainy season. This moisture can block your filter, which will limit the amount of clean air passing through it. If there isn’t enough clean air, there’s every possibility that your bike may stall. Take a little time to clear your filter regularly during the monsoons to avoid issues when you’re on the road.

4. Insulate Your Electricals

If your bike has any exposed electrical connections, you should get them wrapped with waterproof insulation tape to avoid water getting into your electrical system and causing a short circuit. Remember, these electrical connections are like your bike’s nervous system. If something goes wrong, you won’t be able to use your two-wheeler at all.

5. Service Your Brakes

Your brakes are the most important element of your bike and they need to be in optimal working condition all through the monsoons. This is especially important if you have drum or disc brakes. Make sure you get your bike’s brakes cleaned and serviced thoroughly before the monsoons and clean them regularly all through the season. Even if you have brakes that are in optimal working condition, remember to keep a safe distance while riding your bike to avoid braking at the last minute, which could cause your two-wheeler to skid.

Along with all these tips, remember to get your bike cleaned and serviced regularly and try and find a covered parking spot to avoid too much water damage during the monsoons. By taking a few precautions and cleaning your bike regularly, you should be able to ride out the monsoons without any worries.

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