Edelweiss Switch 2.0 Motor Insurance Policy


Everything You Need to Know About Edelweiss SWITCH 2.0

29th July 2022

Constantly pushing the boundaries, Edelweiss General Insurance is happy to introduce SWITCH 2.0, a unique car insurance product that allows you to make the most of your car insurance premium. Let’s learn more about this first-of-its-kind on-demand motor insurance policy.

What Is Edelweiss SWITCH?

A telematics-based mobile app which offers on-demand insurance policy, SWITCH lets your driving behaviour determine your premium amount. The plan follows a drive less, pay less policy, enabling you to pay the premium only for days when you use your car. The plan is ideal for those who use their vehicles sparingly.

How Does Edelweiss Switch Motor Insurance Work?

SWITCH 2.0 measures your driving quantity and quality, providing a customised drive better, pay less plan and premium amount. It tracks driving quality in real-time and offers lower premiums to individuals who drive safely and follow all the rules and speed limits. Your premium gets calculated based on the driving data assessed by the telematics-based mobile app.

What’s New in SWITCH 2.0?

SWITCH 1.0 required policyholders to turn the coverage on and off manually. With SWITCH 2.0, everything is automated. Once the app detects when the covered vehicle starts moving, the policyholder receives a notification. You can accept the notification to turn the pay as you drive coverage on immediately. SWITCH 2.0 gives you a highly personalised and customised policy that works for you.

Can I Opt for Add-On Covers with a SWITCH Policy?

At Edelweiss, we endeavour to provide you with a completely customised experience. You can opt for any of the following add-ons with your SWITCH 2.0 policy:

Consumable Expenses
It covers the cost of replacing consumables, like engine oil, nuts and bolts and radiator coolant, that get damaged due to a covered incident.

Depreciation Protect
It helps reimburse the difference between a new part and the depreciated value of the part during repairs.

EMI Protect
It helps cover the cost of agreed EMI payments towards the vehicle while it is in the workshop for repairs.

Engine Protect
It covers the cost of replacing and repairing the engine, gearbox, crankshaft and piston if damaged by waterlogging and flooding.

Invoice Value Protect
In case of total loss or theft of the vehicle, this cover will help you get the latest invoice price of the same make and model.

Key and Locks Protect
It covers the cost of replacing a key or installing new locks on the insured vehicle.

Mandatory Deduction Protect
With this cover, you can get compensated for the amount you pay towards your claim’s mandatory deductible.

NCB Protect
You can retain your NCB if you make a single own damage claim with this cover.

Personal Belongings Protect
In case you lose insured personal belongings, this cover will help you with the cost of replacing them.

Roadside Assistance
The cover provides more than just assistance when you get stranded in the middle of the road. It also helps with overnight accommodation and seeking medical treatment.

Tyre Protect
You can get compensated for the cost of new tyres in case of a puncture, burst or cut.

Why Should I Opt for an Edelweiss SWITCH Insurance Policy?

If you’re looking for ease and convenience, you can opt for SWITCH 2.0 as it provides:

  • A completely digital and paperless journey
  • Usage-based pricing that incentivises and promotes good driving behaviour
  • Subscription-based premium payments in instalments
  • Hassle-free claims process initiated through the app
  • Significant savings on car insurance policy premiums

Who Should Opt for Edelweiss SWITCH 2.0?

SWITCH 2.0 may not be ideal for everybody. Individuals should opt for this policy if they:

  • Drive their car only once or twice a week
  • Have multiple vehicles and do not use every car every day
  • Own vehicles that are new and not older than five years

Edelweiss SWITCH 2.0 hopes to revolutionise the way people buy car insurance. We offer pay as you use coverage, making it ideal for those who use their car occasionally. The app dashboard provides updated driving scores, offering instant gratification for good driving behaviour. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website to learn more about how you can buy Edelweiss SWITCH 2.0.

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