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Everything you need to know about Edelweiss PAYD

22nd August 2022 8min read 755 views

Every Indian who owns a four-wheeler should have a  private car package policy. A package or comprehensive plan provides coverage over and above the required third-party liability mandated by law. A private car package policy means your insurance cover extends to damages to your vehicle. These policies often come with a higher premium than third-party-only plans and allow you to customise your policy with various add-ons. Now, Edelweiss helps you save on your premium based on how much you actually drive your car.

Understanding Edelweiss PAYD

The Edelweiss SWITCH Pay As You Drive (PAYD) add-on enables you to save on your annual comprehensive cover premium. The add-on recalculates your premium based on your average kilometre usage. For example, say you have a five-year-old vehicle that has completed 60,000 kilometres. We assume that you travel 12,000 kilometres every year. We offer a new customised premium based on our calculation and your declared annual usage. The new amount will include all the coverage that is part of your package policy for private vehicle. Your sum insured and add-ons will remain the same as your base car insurance plan.

What Happens If Usage Exceeds the Calculated Amount?

Your PAYD policy only provides coverage for a limited number of kilometres. If we continue using the above example, your coverage will end when you reach 12,000 kilometres from the start of the policy. If you think you may exceed the kilometre amount, don't worry. You can notify us in advance and top up your kilometres by paying an additional premium. You can then continue to enjoy the protection offered by your insurance policy without any breaks in coverage.

Benefits of PAYD

The most crucial benefit of a PAYD policy is that it allows you to pay as per your annual usage. The plan offers savings on your premium based on how many kilometres you drive in a year.

Finding the Right Car Insurance Policy

At Edelweiss, we are proud to provide you with new and innovative products that allow you to save on your premium. Our SWITCH and PAYD policies ensure you pay the premium based on car usage. Additionally, these policies allow you to enjoy all the perks of a customised, comprehensive plan, providing numerous add-ons that offer additional coverage as required. While browsing for a policy, check the private car package policy details to understand which plan best suits your needs.

Today, you can purchase a car insurance policy online within a few minutes. However, you must take your time to check what’s available before making a decision. Browse the Edelweiss website to look for new products that provide the coverage you need at pocket-friendly prices.

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