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Edelweiss Switch - How Is It Different from Regular Motor Insurance?

21st May 2020 8min read 8540 views

What Is Edelweiss Switch?

Edelweiss Switch is a driver-based motor insurance policy. This policy will follow an individual so as to cover the vehicle or vehicles they drive instead of covering one vehicle, as a regular motor insurance policy does. To enjoy the benefits of this policy, you need to have a valid driving license. Once you purchase this policy, you have to simply add the vehicle you intend to drive onto your policy through the policy’s mobile app. If you forget this crucial step, that vehicle will not stand covered under this policy and your claims against it will not be entertained.

What’s Covered Under Edelweiss Switch?

Since the Edelweiss Switch is essentially a motor insurance policy, we will cover the loss and damage to the vehicles you have added onto the policy in cases of:

  • Damage due to natural causes such as landslide or rockslide, earthquakes, fire and shock damage, floods, typhoons or other types of extreme weather.
  • Damage caused by a malicious act, terrorist activity, burglary or theft.
  • Damage due to self-ignition or lightning.
  • Damage due to meeting with an accident.
  • Damage caused by transit whether via road, rail, waterway, air or lift.
  • Road-side assistance, as required, due to a mechanical and/or electrical breakdown, accidental immobilisation, a dead battery, a flat tyre, running out of fuel, or the keys are locked in the car.

In cases where the insured individual is left with an immobilised car more than 100 kilometres from their address and the car repairs will take more than a day, our road-side assistance team can help them find overnight accommodation. If the insured individual needs to continue their journey, our team can help arrange for an alternative vehicle. Further, if the repairs take more than 3 days, the team can make arrangements to send the repaired vehicle back to the registered address of the insured individual. Our team will provide assistance in all these matters, but the cost of the services will be additional.

What’s Not Covered?

Claims will not be entertained if:

  • The driver operating the vehicle does not have a valid driving license at the time of the accident.
  • The driver was operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other narcotics.
  • An individual who was not declared on the policy app was operating the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was used for any purpose other than its registered purpose or for any unlawful activity or an attempt to do so.
  • There is damage or loss to a vehicle, the details of which are not added in the policy app prior to the trip.
  • There is normal wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • The incident occurs outside the geographical limitations of the policy.
  • The loss or damage is a product of legal repossession, confiscation or requisition by the government or by a public or local authority.
  • The loss or damage occurred due to war or war-like operations.
  • The policy app is not activated on the day of the accident.

Edelweiss Switch or Motor Insurance – What’s Better for Me?

If you’re an individual who owns multiple vehicles or if you’re a driver by profession, Edelweiss Switch may be the right policy for you. This policy offers a single sum insured as a floater across all the vehicles you operate and bring under the cover. As long as you remember to add the vehicles to the policy app and pay the premium as required, you don’t have to worry about multiple policies for multiple vehicles. Edelweiss Switch makes it easy for you to take care of insurance on all your vehicles with a single policy.

On the other hand, if you’re an individual with a single vehicle, or are part of a family where different members operate the same vehicle, regular motor insurance is the better option for you. These policies will cover the vehicle, irrespective of which family member is driving it. This way, you can use a single policy to cover the car, even if 2 or more different family members drive it regularly.

Both policies offer similar cover, so you don’t have to worry about getting better cover under one policy over the other. Whatever you choose, remember to have your insurance sorted before you head out on your next journey.

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