tips for keeping car cool in summer

Cool Tips to Keep Your Car Going All Summer Long

24th March 2020 8min read 7166 views

Summer is almost upon us, so now’s the best time to get your car ready for the hot months ahead. The heat can take a bit of a toll on your beloved vehicle, so it’s crucial that you do whatever you can to keep your engine running smoothly all through the summer. If you’re wondering what you need to do to keep your car cool, here’s a look at some interesting tips:

1. Check Your Radiator

In the summers, it’s common for your radiator to heat up more than usual, which could cause your car to break down. We all know that we need to fill our radiators with coolant, but a lot of us forget to check the pipes through which the coolant flows. Make sure you get your radiator checked and flushed and ensure there are no leaks in the pipes. After all, if the coolant can’t get to your engine, you’ll be in for a bumpy ride.

2. Service Your AC

We’re sure you get your air conditioner at home serviced right before the summer hits, but most people forget to service their car’s air conditioner as well. In the summers, the car’s AC unit has to work overtime and even then, it can sometimes feel like the car’s cabin isn’t cool enough. This could be because your refrigerant level is low or because you haven’t cleaned your air filters in a while. Either way, it’s crucial that you get your HVAC unit checked and cleaned out before the summer hits, so you can stay cool whenever you’re on the road.

3. Pick Your Paint Wisely

Summer’s a great time to give your car a bit of a makeover. If you’re planning on painting your car a new colour (or even buying a new car), think very carefully about the colour. Studies have shown that darker cars, ones that are painted red or black, have a higher interior temperature than cars that are lighter. For example, the highest temperature recorded in a white car was 45°C, while the highest temperature recorded in a black car was 56.2°C!

4. Test Your Tyres

Right from the moment you drive your car out of your dealership, your tyres take a beating. In summer, the heat can cause your tyres to burst if they’re not inflated properly. Look up your manufacturer’s instructions and get your tyre pressure checked regularly in the summer. You don’t want to end up on the side of a highway in scorching heat with a bust tyre, do you?

5. Stay Fresh

You may have noticed that your car cabin doesn’t always smell like fresh flowers in the summer. And even though it may not make a huge difference to how well your car works, a small air freshener (one that clips onto your serviced AC vents) will keep your cabin smelling great through the rough summer months.

So, there you have it. By checking on your tyres and getting your radiator and air conditioning serviced now, you can get through the summer without too many car troubles.

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