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18th August 2021 8min read 1837 views

For most people, one’s car is their most valuable possession. Apart from easing everyday commutes, people enjoy exploring their surroundings in their own vehicle. But, not everybody knows how to look after their car properly. Most people assume that the garage will fix whatever small issues they experience every three months. What many people don’t realise is that failing to maintain their vehicle between the garage services can cause problems in the future. Even the best car insurance companies will not provide financial assistance in cases of negligence. To help you keep your car running smoothly, here’s a quick guide to what you need to check under the hood.

Check the Oil

Your car’s engine requires oil for lubrication. If you run low on oil, you could damage your engine. Every week, make it a point to check your oil level. Start by pulling out the dipstick and wiping it with a tissue. Push it back in completely and pull it out again to check the oil level on the stick. If it’s low, you can choose to refill the oil yourself or take it to a petrol pump or garage for assistance. If you’re filling the oil yourself, add small quantities at a time. Overfilling the oil is just as bad as running without it. You also need to ensure that your oil is clear. Sometimes, the dirt that builds up turns the oil into sludge. You can ask a professional to clear out the oil and refill it in such a case.

Top Up on Coolant

Your car’s engine can overheat very easily. To maintain a steady temperature, your vehicle requires coolant. Apart from keeping the engine cool, it also works as a lubricant to minimise damages to the moving parts. To keep your car running smoothly, you must top up your coolant every week. You can purchase a bottle of the liquid at any petrol pump and fill the coolant reservoir easily. Many new cars come with level markings indicating the minimum amount required.

Clear the Air Filter

You may not know it, but your car’s engine requires just as much oxygen as you do. Ensure that the air filter surrounding your engine allows enough oxygen to pass through. If there’s too much dirt and debris, it can clog the filter and lead to a constricted airflow. Without enough air, fuel will not burn completely. So, it could reduce your mileage and increase your vehicle’s emissions. Check the filter every week and clean it whenever necessary. If it’s beyond repair, you can replace the air filter instead.

Maintaining your car should not feel like too much work. By checking under the hood once a week, you can keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible. You must also purchase motor direct car insurance to protect your vehicle and your finances after an accident. You can look for the best

car insurance policy online

and make the purchase easily with a few clicks. Look for car insurance companies near you and find a policy that offers comprehensive protection. With these tips and a good insurance plan, you can easily maintain your car for years.
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