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Cashless Garage Facility – How Is It Important

18th November 2022 8min read 165 views

Every Indian knows they must have a vehicle insurance policy. When you purchase a car or two-wheeler, your dealer will offer a comprehensive plan for the first year. After that, you must renew the policy to stay on the right side of the law and enjoy the provided coverage. While buying a new motor insurance policy, you will come across the term network garage. Let’s understand what it is and how it impacts your claims process.

What Is a Network or Cashless Garage?

Every motor insurance company has a list of network garages where policyholders can enjoy a cashless claims process. They can get their vehicles repaired and let the insurance company settle the claim directly at these workshops. Policyholders don't have to pay the entire claim amount up front and wait for a reimbursement. Insurance companies display their cashless garages list  on their websites. You should always check the list to see whether it includes your preferred garage or those near you.

How Do Cashless Claims Work?

Assume you met with an accident and need to repair your car. After informing the authorities, you speak to the insurance company. They quickly survey the damage and tell you to get the vehicle repaired at a nearby network garage. After the repairs, you only have to pay the deductible amount. Your insurance company will settle the insurance claim directly with the garage.

How Do Cashless Claims Benefit Me?

Cashless claims offer numerous advantages. Let’s see what they are:

Quick Service

Network garages deal directly with the insurance company. They often provide policyholders with speedy service, prioritising your vehicle’s repairs.

Hassle-Free Settlements

Cashless claims do not require a significant investment upfront. You only have to pay for a few expenses from your pocket and let the insurance company take care of the rest.

Complete Transparency

Dealing with network garages provides 100% transparency between the garage and the insurance company. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs in bills or paying an amount that won’t get reimbursed.

Why Are Cashless Claims Important?

Cashless claims are vital to policyholders since they protect you from the burden of unplanned finances. Paying to get your vehicle repaired after an accident could put a significant dent in your savings. You can enjoy a seamless cashless claim process with access to network garages.

Cashless claims help you enjoy the benefits of having comprehensive car insurance coverage. You never have to worry about dipping into your pocket to pay for covered damages. When the time comes to get a new motor insurance policy, pay special attention to the list of network garages. You can  buy motor insurance online  and compare the network of garages for multiple insurance companies. Identify companies that have cashless facilities near you and around the country. You can rely on them to get your vehicle repaired when you’re outside your city or state of residence. Finally, you must complete your  vehicle insurance renewal online to enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted coverage.

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