Car Spare Parts Insurance

Car Spare Parts Insurance

25th February 2022 8min read 180 views

Your car runs smoothly when several parts work perfectly in coordination. Before purchasing a vehicle, you evaluate the engine power, capacity and availability of spare parts. You wouldn’t want to interrupt a lovely road trip because something isn’t working, and you have to head back to the city to get your vehicle repaired. Your car’s spare parts, including the battery, tyres and clutch plate, can cost anywhere between INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 each. When you purchase a car insurance policy, you need to consider getting coverage for the spare parts. So, how do you deal with replacing spare parts?

Opting for the Original

Individuals often opt to replace their spare parts with original parts from their manufacturer. Your car manufacturer provides these parts to various garages and service centres. Genuine parts come at a high cost, but they also have a warranty and keep your car running well.

Dealing with Duplicates

Many companies manufacture duplicate spare parts. They function like company-manufactured parts but don’t cost as much. While dealing with a cash crunch, many car owners opt for duplicate spare parts instead of the original.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

When you purchase a new car, your manufacturer offers three free service appointments. Unfortunately, these services do not include the cost of replacing spare parts. The idea is that new vehicles will not face any issues with spare parts within the first year. If something doesn’t work correctly and you have to replace it within the first year, you need to bear the cost.

What’s the Better Option?

So when it comes down to it, should you opt for original or duplicate parts? Your answer should depend on the spare part in question. Ideally, opt for an original battery, radiator, engine fan, clutch, shock absorbers and brakes. If a part directly impacts how your vehicle functions, you need to opt for genuine parts from the manufacturer. If you like, you can opt for duplicate seat covers, door handles, bumpers and wipers as they do not directly affect how your car works.

Spare Parts and Car Insurance

In India, you must have at least third-party vehicle insurance to drive your car. Unfortunately, a third-party car insurance policy will not help cover the cost of your spare parts. A comprehensive insurance plan with a few add-ons can provide you with complete coverage for your car and the spare parts. A comprehensive car insurance policy will look after the cost of repairs when your vehicle gets damaged in an accident or after a natural disaster. Opting for the Edelweiss General Insurance zero depreciation cover will help you look after your car and its spare parts. This add-on ensures you get reimbursed or covered for the actual cost of the part and not the depreciated value. If possible, look for breakdown assistance add-ons that help with spare part repairs and other minor complaints during long drives.

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