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6 Simple Car Hacks That’ll Make Driving Easier & Better - Edelweiss General Insurance Blogs

21st November 2018 8min read 14340 views

Most of us share a love-hate relationship with our cars. We love it because it helps us with our daily commute, carries our ‘excess baggage’ and even gives us the liberty to plan exciting road trips with our friends. But, its expensive maintenance can be a major pain point. From spilled drinks to door dings, massive dents to leaky vents – all these hitches and glitches can make your blood pressure go through the roof.

So, if you want to fix these annoying issues, simply follow the cool hacks listed below and promote yourself from being an ordinary car owner, to a modern-day MacGyver.

1. Brush it Off :

Before you brush your teeth, brush your car headlights today -with toothpaste. Seriously! Toothpaste can help you clean foggy headlights. Simply smear it on a clean rag and then scrub the lights gently. Thereafter, rinse off the paste completely and wipe it clean.

2. Plunge a Dent :

This one is an oldie. If you have a small dent in your car, you can easily fix it by using a plunger. It’s a simple DIY that also works for dryers and washers. However, do note that this trick does not work for heavy damages.

3. Nail it :

If you thought nail polish could only make your nails look pretty, think again. These tiny bottles contain magic potions that could save you from shelling a lot of money on your car’s cracked window. How? If there are small cracks on your car’s window that seem to get worse with time, just pick up a bottle of clear nail polish and carefully apply it to the damaged area. Once it dries up, you’ll be able to see the results yourself. But, hey! Don’t forget to thank us later.

4. Pour-Rub-Pour :

Let’s talk about the goodness of Olive oil. You can use it to whip up healthy food, nourish your hair and skin, and guess what else? It can work wonders on your dashboard too. It gently picks up on any stubborn dust or grime and leaves the car’s interiors looking squeaky clean. Howzat!Play it Cool: If you are looking to fix every nook and cranny of your car, then why leave out the AC vents? Sure, they can be difficult to clean, but not so much if you have a set of foam paintbrushes. Just dab some lemon-scented vinegar on it and clean out those dusty vents like a pro.

5. Insurance is Key :

While all these inexpensive tips will help you maintain your car, it won’t protect it from severe damages like road accidents or natural disasters. For that, it’s important to invest in a good car insurance policy, which not only covers major expenses, but also protect you and your family from any unforeseen risks. So, go ahead, apply these gentle tips and share them with your friends too. And who knows, maybe your love-hate relationship with your car could eventually turn into a happily-ever-after!
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