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4 Tips to Be a Good Biker

9th May 2022 8min read 122 views

Most Indian families own at least one two-wheeler. Bikes offer ease and convenience on crowded streets, making them the preferred mode of transportation. But owning a two-wheeler and being a good biker are two very different things. Individuals on two-wheelers are far more likely to get involved in fatal accidents than other motorists. In 2019, 37% of all road accident fatalities were bikers. The statistics are scary, but you have the power to make a change. Let’s look at simple tips to help you become a better biker!

Always Choose Safety

Even the world’s safest riders may get involved in road accidents. Always think about your safety before you head out. Make sure you have a proper helmet that fits you well. If you have a pillion rider with you, ensure they’re wearing one. As you weave in and out of traffic, remember to show your indicator, follow lane discipline and obey traffic lights. By following the rules, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It is common today to see bikers riding around with earphones. These riders can barely hear the world around them, which could have fatal consequences on highways. To be a better biker, you must always pay attention to your surroundings. Ensure your mirrors offer you clear views of vehicles coming from behind. Always check your surroundings before turning or changing lanes.

Quick Corrections

Great bikers can quickly make corrections while on the road to avoid accidents. The skill isn’t something you can learn. You must develop it over years of practice. Eventually, these corrections will become instinctive and keep you safe while on the road.

Know Your Vehicle

Part of being a good biker involves knowing your vehicle. Make sure you understand how your bike works and get it serviced regularly. If you face any minor issues on the road, you should know how to safely park your vehicle and fix it or ask for help.

Get Insured

Being a good biker means you take care of yourself, your vehicle and others on the road. In India, you must have at least third-party bike insurance to ride your two-wheeler legally. In case of an accident, your two-wheeler insurance policy will reimburse the third-party individual for any injuries they face or damage to their property. A third-party plan will not help take care of you or your bike. You can purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler vehicle insurance for better protection. A comprehensive bike insurance policy will help cover your medical costs and the cost of repairs to your two-wheeler after an accident. A good insurance policy is the easiest way to be a good biker and look after everybody on the road.

If you’d like to practice these simple tips, you can start by purchasing  two-wheeler vehicle insurance. At Edelweiss, you can choose what you require from our list of add-ons to customise your policy. Once your paperwork is in order, you can manoeuvre through traffic safely.

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