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3 Bike Maintenance Tips to Care Your New Bike

12th November 2021 8min read 2558 views
The first big purchase that most Indians make is a two-wheeler. Once people start earning, they save up enough to get a scooter or bike to move around with ease. Since most people who own new bikes are in their early 20s, they may not know how to look after their two-wheeler. Some are not aware that 

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is mandatory in India. If you’ve recently purchased a two-wheeler, we’re here with some handy bike care tips that’ll help you to take care of your new ride!

3 Tips to Take Care of your New Bike

Stay on the Right Side of the Law
Very often, people flout road rules like speed limits and other safety regulations. Even with a comprehensive  two-wheeler bike insurance policy, you need to ride carefully. When riders speed, they risk losing control of the vehicle, which could cause a fatal accident. Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that your bike insurance policy will not cover any damages caused when the rider does something illegal. Remember to follow all speed limits. For new bikes, you should not ride over 60 km/hr for the first 1,000 kilometres. Once the vehicle has settled in, you can ride a bit faster, but only if it's legal.

Keep Your Maintenance Appointments
When you purchase a brand-new bike, the seller will set up a few bike maintenance appointments for the first year. Typically, these appointments are free unless there’s extra work required. During these maintenance appointments, experts will check the two-wheeler’s engine oil, chain, brake pads, battery and more. If you miss an appointment, you could end up using a bike that does not have enough chain tension. These service appointments are typically once in three or four months, so it’s always best to get your bike serviced by experts. Between services, you should make it a point to clean your two-wheeler every week. While cleaning, you can check for any issues and remedy them immediately. If your bike is not your primary vehicle, ensure you start the engine at least once a week. By doing this, you prevent your battery from draining out completely.

Get Your Paperwork in Order
It may not seem relevant, but one of the best ways to look after your new bike is by having your paperwork in order. Most often, your vehicle dealer will provide you with a new bike insurance policy along with your two-wheeler. If you opt for a second-hand bike, you have to get all the transfer documents ready and change the insurance policy to put it in your name. If you miss this crucial step, you will end up riding without insurance cover. Ensure you have annual reminders to renew your policy as well. In today’s digital world, bike insurance renewal online takes just a few moments.

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