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31st December 2022 8min read 2852 views

The thought of purchasing a two-wheeler fills most Indians with excitement. Affordable bikes and scooters enable families to move around independently. But owning a two-wheeler also comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to maintain your bike, follow road rules and purchase two-wheeler bike insurance. You must have at least third-party bike insurance to operate your vehicle on Indian roads. For better protection, you can opt for a comprehensive policy that provides coverage for damages to your bike as well. Once you identify the ideal bike insurance plan, you still need to decide whether to purchase the policy online or offline. Most people today have taken the digital route. If you aren’t sure whether that’s the right option for you, here’s a look at three good reasons why you should buy two-wheeler bike insurance online:

1. Quick and Easy Comparisons

When you choose to buy bike insurance online , you can generate quotes from multiple providers within a few minutes. You do not have to wait for physical inspections. Instead, you can complete a super quick digital inspection to check your estimated premium. Apart from the cost, you can also compare the benefits and coverage offered by each plan. You can pick the bike insurance policy that provides you with the most coverage at the best possible price. Most importantly, when you buy insurance online, you get completely unbiased views and opinions. You can look at customer reviews and testimonials instead of relying on the word of an agent who earns a commission.

2. No Middlemen

When you purchase insurance offline, you engage an agent. These individuals will promote one insurer over another. Since they receive a commission from the insurer, you end up having to pay a higher premium to cover their costs. When you purchase bike insurance online, you deal with the insurance provider directly.

3. Incredibly Convenient

The best part about purchasing bike insurance online is that you can complete the process from the comfort of your home. With an online purchase, you don’t have to worry about mountains of paperwork. You can complete the purchase by providing your vehicle’s registration details and a few personal details. Every year, you can complete your bike insurance renewal online with just a few clicks. In fact, you can even buy or
renew your policy while you’re out and about with the help of a smartphone. You simply need to visit your preferred insurer’s website and provide your bike’s registrations details. Select the coverage you’d like and the add-ons you want. Once you make the payment, you’ll have a soft copy of your policy delivered to your e-mail inbox.

Purchasing two-wheeler bike insurance can seem overwhelming. Deciding how and where to buy the plan shouldn’t be hard. Buying a policy online is a quick and smart choice. When you opt to purchase a policy from the Edelweiss General Insurance website, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get a competitive price for comprehensive coverage.

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