Pollution certificate and insurance

Do I Need a Valid PUC to Renew My Insurance?

16th June 2022 8min read 133 views

When you own a car, you have the freedom to move around at your convenience. You do not have to depend on public transport. Once you get a four-wheeler, you must also look after it and follow the law. Before you head out on a drive, you need to ensure that all your paperwork is in order. You must always have a few crucial documents – your vehicle’s registration certificate, a Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC), your driving license, and a valid car insurance policy.

Understanding Pollution Under Control (PUC)

To minimise air pollution, the government requires every vehicle to have a PUCC. The certificate states that the vehicle’s carbon emissions fall within the allowed range. New cars come with a one-year PUCC, following which you must get the emissions checked periodically. Certified petrol pumps across the country are eligible to carry out the test. Your PUCC should have the following details:

  • Serial number
  • Vehicle’s registration number
  • Date of the PUC test
  • Validity of the PUC
  • The test reading

PUC and Motor Vehicle Insurance

In August 2020, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) sent a circular to all insurance companies. The circular mandates that companies cannot issue an auto insurance policy to a vehicle without a valid PUCC. By asking for a PUC certification for insurance, the IRDAI aims to ensure vehicles are not actively harming the environment. With a valid PUCC, you can complete your third-party car insurance renewal online within a few minutes.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Insurance Policy

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you require third-party liability coverage to drive. These policies exclude any damage to you or your vehicle. For enhanced protection, you should opt for comprehensive car insurance. A comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy offers the mandatory third-party liability cover and coverage for damage to your four-wheeler. You can also purchase a personal accident cover policy to take care of your injuries.

As a car owner, you must ensure that your paperwork is in order. You can upload soft copies of your documents to DigiLocker or mParivahan on your smartphone. Set up calendar alerts to notify you when your documents are about to expire. You must ensure that you recheck your PUC on time and renew your  car insurance online before the existing policy expires. If your PUCC expires, your car insurance company can choose to reject any claims you file. To avoid such a trying situation, ensure you always have a valid PUCC and purchase a car insurance policy that offers at least third-party liability coverage. Visit the Edelweiss General Insurance website today to buy an auto insurance policy that meets your needs.

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