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Who Needs Health Insurance?

22nd June 2021 8min read 379 views

According to an Economic Survey, insurance penetration in India is at a dismal 3.76%. For the non-life insurance sector, it is just 0.94%. These numbers reflect the attitude of most Indians towards insurance. It isn’t something that we talk about in social circles. And if it is, you’ll often hear, “But I don’t need insurance, I have…” So, we decided to tackle some common misconceptions. Here’s a look at the different kinds of people who need health insurance policies:

Delivery Superheroes

All through the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, delivery personnel delivered food and essentials to people across India (and the world). They risked their safety and the safety of their loved ones to help us out. These individuals come in contact with different people every day and work long hours in harsh conditions. So, they run the risk of contracting illnesses, falling sick because of exhaustion, or may meet with an accident that lands them in hospital. Delivery personnel should get health coverage to help them deal with the risks of their job. With an Arogya Sanjeevani policy, they can get the cover they require at a cost that doesn’t pinch their pocket. They can also opt for additional COVID-19 cover by purchasing a
COVID insurance policy like Corona Rakshak or Corona Kavach.

Vaccinated Warriors

Since January 2021, India has been vaccinating citizens against the coronavirus. Many people who have gotten both doses now think they are invincible and do not require insurance. They couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve needed health insurance since before the word coronavirus sent chills down our spine. And, we’re going to need it even after getting vaccinated. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes and stroke are on the rise. With a good health insurance policy, you do not have to worry about paying for good healthcare.

Stay-at-Home Seniors

Many retired people who no longer work assume that a health insurance premium will be too expensive. So, they avoid getting a policy. Sadly, health issues often plague the elderly. Many end up paying significant medical bills without any health coverage. Today, most health insurance companies offer policies specifically for senior citizens. They can also enjoy cover under family floater policies along with their children for an incredibly affordable premium.

Single Parents

While joint families may have been the norm some years ago, this is no longer the case. Families today are available in various shapes and sizes. Many single parents have to look after their children alone while juggling their careers and other responsibilities. Very often, they do not have a lot of savings to rely on in emergencies. So, having a health insurance policy is crucial. Single parents should also remember to get insurance for their children as well. A family floater policy could work well for them.

The Hard Worker

In today’s competitive job market, many people work incredibly long hours every single day. While some people can work comfortably in an office, others complete jobs that have inherent risks. A mishap at work could lead to unthinkable outcomes. Individuals who risk their lives every day just by going to work must protect themselves and their families. With a policy like Saral Suraksha Bima, they can help alleviate the financial strain after a critical accident. It’s also crucial for hard workers to have health coverage under an affordable health policy like Arogya Sanjeevani.

Overlooking health insurance is no longer an option. Insurance must become a part of every individual’s financial plan. Make sure you weigh out all the options available to you and your loved ones and secure their health today!

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