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What Is Domiciliary Hospitalization? Benefits and Features!

18th April 2022 8min read 128 views

Dealing with a health issue can be physically, mentally and financially exhausting. A health insurance plan can offer some comfort at a difficult time. Initially, Mediclaim plans would only provide cover after a valid hospitalisation. Today, these policies help take care of various treatments, including those you receive at home. Let’s take a closer look at this unique medical insurance benefit.

What Does Domiciliary Hospitalisation Mean?

Sometimes, a person is so unwell that they cannot be moved to the hospital or hospital beds might not be available. In such cases, doctors may recommend treatment at home, which is known as domiciliary hospitalisation. Many health insurance policies today offer cover for domiciliary treatments as well. Before you can file an eligible claim for home-based treatments, you must meet a few conditions:

  • A certified doctor or practitioner should have advised hospitalisation for a disease, ailment or injury.
  • You should have an active health insurance plan that includes domiciliary cover.
  • You must receive treatment for at least three days.
  • You cannot be moved to the hospital due to the type of injury or severity of the disease.
  • Hospital rooms are not available near you and you must receive immediate treatment at home.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation Benefits

Some may find the thought of receiving treatment at home unsettling. Let’s understand how domiciliary hospitalisation benefits you:

Quicker Treatments
During the COVID-19 pandemic, people could not find hospital beds or rooms for their loved ones. With domiciliary cover, you will not have to worry about this. Now, you and your family members can get the medical care required as quickly as possible in the comfort of your home. Since you no longer have to wait for a hospital bed to become available, domiciliary hospitalisation means quicker access to healthcare.

Easy Access
Sometimes, patients may suffer from an illness that makes it difficult for them to move. Some individuals are bed-ridden or struggle with mobility issues. With domiciliary cover, you can get hospital-like treatment at home.

Familiar Environment
Many people feel better when they’re at home, in their own comfort zone. In fact, some patients recover faster, which is one of the most crucial domiciliary hospitalisation benefits.

Getting Domiciliary Cover
Let’s look at how you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefits of domiciliary cover. Today, almost all health insurance plans provide coverage for domiciliary hospitalisation. If your base Mediclaim policy does not include the coverage, you can choose it as an add-on cover. Make sure you always check whether the policy you choose offers cover for at-home treatments or not.

When you decide to get a health insurance policy, you must check the fine print. Have a look at what’s covered and whether domiciliary hospitalisation is a part of your base insurance plan. If you’d like to enhance your cover, you should select add-ons that will boost your coverage. You can purchase an Edelweiss health insurance policy that offers domiciliary cover and critical illness benefits under one, easy-to-customise plan.

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