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To think out of the box, turn the box around!

23rd March 2022 8min read 182 views

Sometimes, thinking a little differently is all we need to do, to get a clearer picture about a situation and take better decisions.

There are things called 'mental models' that show us how to do this, and our favourite mental model is called 'Inversion'. Of course, it's not the only good one out there. But hey, that's the purpose of this blog - to save you the time and hassle of going through them all!

So here's how Inversion makes us take one really big and important decision: should I buy health insurance or not?

This is what most of us would do: we would consider what would happen if we took health insurance. We'd think, okay, if I ever get hospitalised and I have health insurance, I won't have to spend on my treatment - the insurance company will cover it. But I'm young, strong, and in good health - I'm never going to need this policy! So isn't that yearly premium a total waste?

This is where Inversion proves a blessing. It teaches us to turn the question around, to ask: 'What happens if I don't take a health policy?' And the answer is quite an eye-opener. Here's what you'll realise then: if I get hospitalised and run up a big bill, there go all my savings. I may not be able to give my kids the best education. Heaven forbid, I might have to borrow money from family and friends, and live in debt.

Our natural human instinct is to save money. What we don't realise is that taking health insurance will save us a thousand times more money, than not taking it!

So the next time you're faced with a situation that needs you to make a choice, and you're not sure which choice is the right one, try Inversion. It will make you challenge your own thoughts, break out of your existing assumptions, really question the various possibilities, and be open to different viewpoints.

Invert, always Invert. And that's straight advice!

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