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This Raksha Bandhan Give A Caring Gift Of Lifelong Raksha

9th August 2022 8min read 576 views

Every sibling relationship is unique. No matter how often you fight with your brother or sister, at the end of the day, you rely on each other when things get challenging. The festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the unique bond between siblings.

The Role Parents Play in Cultivating a Sibling Relationship

Sibling relationships require time and effort. When you are young, your parents play an instrumental role in cultivating your bond. Parents must encourage their children to work together and cheer each other on instead of pitting them against each other and comparing them. Instead of having competitive activities at home, parents should let their children lead fun activities where they work together instead of against each other. In India, many parents teach their children about Raksha Bandhan to help them understand the importance of looking after their siblings.

The Importance of a Strong Sibling Bond

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their siblings. While they spend most of their time arguing and fighting, they also band together in crises. Scientists researched the impact of having a sibling on development and growth. They found that individuals who grew up with siblings were better at making and maintaining relationships and comforting others. They also have better emotional awareness. Having a sibling changes your life in more ways than you know. Given their importance in your life, it’s easy to understand why you’d like to get the best gift for Raksha Bandhan for your loved ones.

Health Insurance as a Raksha Bandhan Gift

A health policy offers several benefits. Here’s a look at why you should gift health insurance to your sister on Raksha Bandhan day:

To Safeguard Her Finances
Insurance policies help take care of a person’s finances. When you gift your sibling a health insurance policy, you ensure they do not have to stress about rising medical inflation. Instead, they can rely on the insurance plan to help pay hospital bills after an emergency.

To Facilitate Quick and Easy Discharges
Health insurance plans provide cashless claims, allowing your sister to get the treatment she needs without worrying about paying for the treatment first. Instead, the health policy will settle the bill directly with the hospital.

To Encourage Healthy Habits
Many health policies cover the cost of annual health check-ups. An insurance plan could encourage your sister to take better care of her health and get regular preventive check-ups and tests without worrying about the cost, making it the ideal Raksha Bandhan gift for sister.

How to Pick the Ideal Health Plan as the Best Gift for Sister on Raksha Bandhan

While picking a plan for your sister this Raksha Bandhan, you should evaluate the following:

Coverage Required
Is your sister single, or does she have a family that depends on her? In case she’s still young and independent, you can opt for an individual health insurance plan for her. A family floated policy might work better if she’s married or has children. Ideally, pick insurance plans that offer enough coverage to take care of potential health issues, including the diagnosis of a critical illness.

While browsing health insurance as gifts for Raksha Bandhan, make sure you opt for policies with lifetime renewability. You want to take care of your sister for life, not just a few years.

Compare Costs
Health insurance has become a competitive market. Look for policies that offer similar coverage online and compare costs. You can quickly find a plan that provides better coverage at a lower price.

Claim Settlement Ratio
Before you select a policy for your sister, check the insurance company’s claim settlement ratio. The number tells you the probability of your sister receiving the claim after raising a valid request. Companies with a higher claim settlement ratio will likely settle claims quickly and efficiently.

Gifts for Life
Once you present your sister with her Raksha Bandhan gift, you must make an annual commitment to renew the plan. You can quickly complete  health insurance renewal online from the comfort of your home. You need your sister’s policy number and a few other details to ensure she gets the best possible health coverage for life.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the unique relationship between brothers and sisters. Instead of regular gifts, this year, you can make a lifelong commitment of Raksha and gift your sister a health insurance plan.

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