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Things to Consider While Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

16th December 2021 8min read 361 views
As we draw towards the end of the year, many people scramble to renew their health insurance plans. When your plan is up for renewal, you can take advantage and up your coverage or purchase new add-ons for enhanced cover in the long run. Many people renew their

health insurance plans

on auto-pilot, but they could lose out on enjoying better deals. Let’s take a look at some crucial things you need to think about before you renew or
buy health insurance online.

Check Your Details

Most health insurance companies will send you a reminder roughly 45 days before your policy expires. At this time, they’ll urge you to renew your policy with the details already on file. Make sure you check your name, who your nominee is, your sum insured amount and policy inclusions and exclusions before renewing your policy online. If there are any discrepancies, you must let your insurer know immediately. They will then rectify the issue. Once you’re sure all your details are correct, you can go ahead and renew your health plan.

Add New Family Members

Your family may have grown over the last policy year. Perhaps you got married or welcomed a child into your life. Now’s the perfect time to add your new family members to your policy. Most medical insurance companies allow you to add children who are 90 days old to your policy. So, you can get your little one insurance coverage even before they reach the six-month milestone.

Boost Your Coverage

Whether you’re adding new family members or not, it’s wise to revise your sum insured amount every year. As you grow older, you may face health issues. So, opting to increase your sum insured amount regularly is prudent. If you have a No-Claim Bonus (NCB), your insurer will likely increase your coverage either way, but you can enhance it further.

Consider Top-Ups

You have the option to add top-up or super top-up health insurance plans to your existing policy. These top-ups provide an additional sum insured, over and above your current policy amount. So, if you happen to max out your sum insured, you have a safety net to fall back on. If you decide to purchase a top-up or super top-up, we advise asking your current health insurance provider. Getting your policy and top-up from the same insurer is always a good idea!

Think About Portability

It’s entirely possible that you aren’t happy with the benefits offered by your current insurer. You can shop around to see what other health insurance companies have to offer. If you can find a better plan with higher coverage at a lower cost, you can port your policy.

Renewing your policy online is a quick and painless process. You can find all the policy details you need with the click of a few buttons. Make sure you do a little research before you pay your premium. Find the best possible deal and get the protection you need for complete peace of mind.

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