Stay Fit to Get Better Deals on Health Insurance Premiums

22nd November 2021 8min read 411 views

Very often, people do not buy health insurance as they believe they do not need it. Young and healthy individuals, especially, think that health insurance premiums are an unnecessary expense. But, medical costs are rising at an alarming rate and, buying healthcare insurance can become expensive on later stage. To help protect the young, most health insurance providers offer benefits to healthy and fit customers. Let’s take a look at how a fit you can keep your health insurance premiums even fitter!

New IRDAI Guidelines

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) decided to focus on preventive benefits in 2019, wherein they authorised

health insurance providers

to offer discounts on premiums or a higher sum assured to clients who are fit. Under these guidelines, people who walk a certain number of steps per day may enjoy lower health insurance premiums than those living a sedentary lifestyle.

Tangible Benefits to Staying Fit

Today, insured individuals who stay fit can enjoy multiple benefits. Firstly, they maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, which is crucial in today’s world. Their insurer could also provide vouchers for gym or yoga memberships, enabling them to stay active. Most importantly, health insurance plans today offer additional discounts on some OPD treatments and annual health check-ups at network facilities. Most healthcare insurance providers also provide discounts on preventive check-ups and treatments.

Purchasing Insurance at the Right Time

When it comes to buying insurance, a crucial factor taken into consideration is the applicant’s age. Insurance premiums rise as you get older, which means it’s ideal to purchase healthcare insurance when you’re young and in the pink of health. If you wait too long, you run the risk of paying higher premiums and missing out on all the additional benefits offered by health insurance companies.

Why Choose Edelweiss Health Insurance?

The healthcare insurance market today is very crowded. Several providers offer great deals on their policies. Finding the right insurance policy for you and your needs can be difficult. When you opt for an Edelweiss Health Insurance policy, you can be rest assured that we will always look after you and your finances. We offer the Health 241 add-on, which provides free health coverage for the second year if you get through the first year without making a single claim. Our plans are completely customisable. You can select your add-ons and sum assured amount as per your needs. We also have a family floater plan that enables you to cover up to 8 loved ones under a single policy.

Buying Health Insurance Online

In most cases, you can opt to buy health insurance online directly from your chosen insurance provider. By providing your name, age and a few other details about your health, you can get health insurance cover in a matter of minutes.

By making insurance affordable and accessible, IRDAI hopes to encourage people to safeguard their health and finances. By simply staying fit and maintaining a good exercise regime, you can benefit physically, mentally and financially. Shop around for the best health insurance plans available today and pick the one that’s right for you. Remember, a health insurance policy is no longer a luxury - it’s a necessity!

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